Belle Bonebrane Insecurity Agent


Belle Bonebrane was Rentatec Security Agency’s most enthusiastic agent. Unfortunately she was also their worst agent!


  • Art: Wilf Street
  • Belle Bonebrane (#459), reprinted and translated to Dutch as “ Bella Brekebeen” – Debbie Dubbeldikboek #14 (1979)


  • Belle Bonebrane Insecurity Agent – Mandy: #450 (30 August 1975) – (?)

Other Appearances:

  • Belle Bonebrane Insecurity Agent – Mandy Annual 1977

7 thoughts on “Belle Bonebrane Insecurity Agent

  1. I’ve updated artist. Thanks Ramon for your other updates, which I will update at later point. I’m very busy with my job at the moment, lots of deadlines coming up and combined with no childcare until nurseries reopen I won’t be able to do more with the site at the moment until I have more free time. Although my work should at least calm down by mid February

    1. No worries. Many of us are in the same situation. By indexing and researching comics, I find some distraction from the day-to-day horrors of the pandemic.


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