The Alice Band / Brampton’s Big Noise


When Alice Allen started teaching at Grimshaw Girls’ School, she started a band with her students. The girls had named the band after their new teacher and entered a Brass Band Contest. One of the girls, Chris Wilson, showed particular talent and Alice encouraged her to apply for a music scholarship.

In the sequel, Brampton’s Big Noise, the story follows Chris Wilson who had won the scholarship to Brampton College of Music. She had come up the hard way, and had made two enemies at college – a couple of snobs Prue Fletcher and Gwen Terry.


  • Artist: Guy Peeters


  • The Alice Band – Mandy: #459 (1 November 1975) – #473 (7 February 1976)
  • Brampton’s Big Noise – Mandy:  #506 (25 September 1976) – #516 (18 December 1976)

2 thoughts on “The Alice Band / Brampton’s Big Noise

  1. This is a follow up to “The Alice Band” instead of another “Brampton’s Big Noise”. In “The Alice Band” Chris Wilson attends Grimshaw School and wins a scholarship. It was to Brampton College of Music. This story is about her time there.

    1. Thank you I hadn’t realised. When the sequel arrived and said it was return of an old character, it hadn’t clicked with me it was from a different named story. I’ve merged those two posts now.

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