Donna Dither


Donna Dee hod been nicknamed Donna-Dither because she could NEVER make up her mind!


  • Artist: Claude Berridge


  • Donna Dither – Mandy: #627 (20 January 1979) – #635 (17 March 1979) [no episode issue #633]
  • Donna Dither – Mandy: #656 (11 August 1979)

4 thoughts on “Donna Dither

  1. There is no episode of “Donna Dither” in 633, Lorraine. The episode ‘Tree Trouble’, that is slated in 632 to appear in 633, didn’t appear until 634 (March 10 1979). The story ended in 635 (March 17 1979). In the final few panels Donna saves a little boy from drowning, and the boy’s mother buys ice creams for Donna and her six friends. The story that did start in 633 was called “Parents Wanted!”

      1. But surely you would agree that making the decision to save the boy from a watery death is at least a step in the right direction.

  2. School Fun had a strip about a boy who could never make up his mind, called Willy Wonty. Willy didn’t last long, only 8 episodes. The merge into Buster came and he was not part of it.

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