“Let Me Tell You a Story…”


Conrad, the evil ventriloquist’s doll under the influence of his master, the Toymaker had gained control of the pupils of school.  Only Cathy Mason knew about Conrad tricks and was trying to stop him.



  • Artist: David Matysiak
  • This was labelled as a Midnight Mystery story, each episode had it’s own individual title.


  • Let Me Tell You a Story…” – Nikki: #222 (20 May 1989) –  #233 (5 August 1989)

List of Episodes:

  • “Let Me Tell You a Story…”
  • Teacher’s Pet
  • Escape from the Attic!
  • In the Dead of Night…
  • Follow Me…
  • Conrad’s Little Helpers
  • Conrad Must be Obeyed!
  • Faces of Hate!
  • The Doll Must Die!
  • Boys Will be Boys!
  • Boys and Girls Come Out and Play…
  • The Final Curtain