Not Miss Norman


Jenni Taylor was horrified when her widower dad started dating her form teacher, Miss Norman. Jenni was determined to split them up.



  • ‘Reprinted as ‘De verliefde vader’ (Father in love) – Tina (1996)


  • Not Miss Norman – M&J: #217 (8 July 1995) – #224 (26 August 1995)

7 thoughts on “Not Miss Norman

  1. This story was reprinted as ‘De verliefde vader’ in Tina in 1996.
    It is difficult to identify the artist. As times it looks like Rumeu, sometimes there are traces of Guy Peeters and one episode even has one page that looks like sloppy work of Feito.

    1. This artist did a few things for Bunty and Mandy around this time – I’ve seen several annual and picture library stories. But I’ve not seen the artist’s work elsewhere, nor found any hint of a name or a signature. Possibly David Roach could provide an identification.

      1. Yes this artist appeared quite a bit late 90s, did a few other M&J stories, I don’t think I’ve seen their work earlier than that.

    2. Perhaps it was an imitation artist or had several artists working on it. Some stories had more than one artist working on them, such as “Little Miss Nothing” from Tammy.

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