Ruth’s Racehorse


When Ruth Wilson’s grandfather became ill, he made her promise to look after his two horses, Lucky Lady and her colt Lucky Star. He was convinced Star could become a successful racehorse. Ruth and Star were accepted for training at Captain  Mallowry’s school for lady jockeys.  In return, Ruth helped out at the stables.


  • Art: “B. Jackson”
  • Reprinted and translated to Dutch as “Ruby’s renpaard”  – Vakantie album #1 (circa 1978)


  • Ruth’s Racehorse – Mandy: #408 (9 November 1974) – #421 (8 February 1975)

3 thoughts on “Ruth’s Racehorse

  1. Translated into Dutch as “Ruby’s renpaard” (apparently the name “Ruth” was considered too old-fashioned) and published in Vakantie album #1 (circa 1978).


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