Ten Green Bottles [1970]


The Barret family were  “going up in the world.” First Mr Barret gained promotion at work —then Mrs Barret decided that they should take a larger house the country, as the next step up the ladder. Seventeen-year-old Laura Barret was all in favour of the change, but twelve-year-old Una wasn’t so happy. In their new house she found ten bottles hidden away, each time she opened one it caused whoever was exposed to the perfume to behave in strange ways…

(Ten Green Bottles – 1970)


(Ten Green Bottles – 1977, art: Guy Peeters)


  • Artist: Guy Peeters (1977)


  • Ten Green Bottles – Mandy: #166 (21 March 1970) – #175 (23 May 1970)
  • Reprinted (with new art) – Mandy: #543 (11 June 1977) – #552 (13 August 1977)

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