That’s My Boy!


Lucy Peters and Jenny Bates had always been best friends, but trouble started when a new family moved into the house between theirs. The Smiths had a good-looking teenage son, called Guy–and both Lucy and Jenny were determined to have him as their boyfriend!


  • Reprinted and translated to Dutch as “Dat is mijn vriend!” (“That’s My Boyfriend!”) – Mariska Starstrip #1 (circa 1983).


  • That’s My Boy! – Mandy: ##426 (15 March 1975) – #436 (24 May 1975)
  • Reprinted – Mandy #771 (24 October 1981)- #780 (26 December 1981)

2 thoughts on “That’s My Boy!

  1. Looks like this was reprinted in Mandy #771 (24 October 1981)-780 (26 December 1981), as those are the dates on a reprint that was translated into Dutch as “Dat is mijn vriend!” (“That’s My Boyfriend!”) and published in Mariska Starstrip #1 (circa 1983).


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