The Lambs and the Fox


Because they had seen a gang carry out a gold robbery, Chris Lamb and her little sister, Debbie, were kidnapped by the gang. Its leader, Stan Perry—known as The Fox because of his cunning —took the girls along with him and his wife, Vi. He meant to use them as hostages if his plans went wrong.



  • The Lambs and the Fox – Mandy: #219 (27 March 1971) – #232 (26 June 1971)
  • Reprinted – Mandy: #650 (30 June 1979) – #663 (29 September 1979)

3 thoughts on “The Lambs and the Fox

  1. There is an earlier version of this story, perhaps from 1970/71 or so? I remember Vi cutting of the girls’ long hair and assuring them she would make a good job of it as she had been a hairdresser before she married Stan.

    1. It is is quite possible most of the Mandys I have are from mid 1970s onwards. It was quite common to reprint stories after around 7 years had passed as it was assumed there would be new readers then.

  2. The Lambs And The Fox first appeared in MANDY 219 (Mar. 27 1971) – 232 (Jun. 26 1971). It replaced Make-And-Mend Molly.

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