“This is Your Home”


Fourteen year old, Magdalen Dennion was convinced that her father, who had  lost his memory, was the rightful heir to Sedley Hall, the big house where she worked as a housemaid. Once, when looking at a painting or Sedley Hall, Mr Dennion had said, “This is your home …”—and so started Magdalen on the search for her father’s family. However, a man claiming to be the missing heir, Sir Richard Sedley, had appeared and was instantly accepted as genuine by old Lady Sedley, whose sight was bad. Discovering that the man calling himself Sir Richard was an impostor, Magdalen realised that he would go to any lengths to keep the fortune that was within his grasp. Magdalen suspected that the butler, Soames, was also in the plot.


  • Artist: Tony Thewenetti


  • “This is Your Home” – Mandy: circa #114 (22 March 1969) – (?)

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