Yum-Yum in Search of her Sister


Yum-Yum Tang, a little Japanese girl, came to  England to meet her sister, Kimi, star of an Ice Show run by Mr Tenjo. Mr Tenjo told Yum-Yum that Kimi had died in a fire, but Yum-Yum knew this was not true as she found two messages from Kimi, one of which warned her that Mr Tenjo was dangerous. In an effort to find her sister, Yum-Yum followed the skating company to Tidesea.



  • Yum-Yum in Search of her Sister – Diana: #26 (17 August 1963) – #36 (26 Oct. 1963)
  • Reprinted – Mandy: #694 (3 May 1980) – #704 (12 July 1980)

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