Judy Picture Story Library

Issue No.TitleBlog Post
1Dixie of Dude Ranch
2Sandra and the Phantom Ballerina
3Debbie of Drama School
4Nanette of the North
5Bess of the Black Arrows
6Big Sister
7Mandy of the Mountains
8Sandra and the Black Swan
9Gerda the Goose Girl
10The Runaway Star
11Safari Sue
12The Shop That Went to Sea
13The Gipsy Dancer’s Secret
14Who is Sylvia?
15Rita’s Robot
16Miss Junior Miss
17The Strange Story of Molly McCane
18Little Mother
19Deep Sea Debbie
20Sally of Studio Seven
21Petra the Party Maker
22The Courage of Belle Britton
23Ballet at Bleak House
24Jenny Everything
25The Riddle of Red Island
26Paula Pulls the Strings
27Topsy On Her Toes
28Holly’s Holiday
29Bobtail and the Beach Rescue
30Juan All Alone
31Janet’s Secret Dancers
32Sandra and the Snow Ballet
33Dotty and her Drums
34Outcast of the Circus
35Slaves of the Starring Eye
36Paula and the Castaway Ballet
37The Reluctant Queen
38Dancing into Danger
39The Grapevine Girl
40The Secret Under the Sea
41Born to Dance
42The Secret Enemy
43Fay and the Prince in Peril
44Petra the Prisoner
45Guardians of the Golden Horse
46The Search for Santa
47The Back Dragon File
48Rough Rider Ruth
49Where is Our Father?
50Backstage Betty
51Katy and the Cat’s Home
52Morag Maid to the Queen
53Everything Happens to Nina
54Smugglers in the Snow
55The Searchers
56The Small Person
57Floods of Fear
58Robber’s Road
59School for Danger
60The Sixpence that Changed into a Swimming Pool
61Topsy On Her Toes
62Pacific Peril
63Can Cassy Cope?
64Vicky and the Green Cross
65The Ghost Train
66The Hidden Hostage
67Crimson Creek
68Lise and the Lilac Ball
69Dino Must Not Die
70Calamity Café
71Quest for a Queen
72The Snow Maiden
73Double Trouble
74Danger for the Sailing Sisters
75Sandra and the Sabotage Ballet
76Alone Against the Valley
77The Girl from D.O.R.S.E.T.
78Wee Slavey
79Heather at Sea
80The Runaway Rebel
82Cathy’s Coach
83The Forbidden Ballet
84School for Courage
85A Dog’s Life for Wendy
86Pat in Peril
87The Seven Swimmers
88Poor Little Rich Girl
89Loro the Runaway Prince
90Paula’s Ponies
91Water Wonder
92Silver and the Sardinian Secret
93Voyage to Freedom
94Wild Prisoner
95Anything’s Better Than School
96School for Tubbies
97A Home for Six Kittens
98Computer Tutor
99The Shadow of Doom
100Sandra and the Deadly Secret
101Annabel’s Elephant
102Lonely Lettie
103The Day of the Planets
104Dawn of the Donkeys
105The Grey Cairn Mystery
106Our Teacher’s Secret
107Shari and the Snake People
108Pet’s Holiday Camp
109The Search for Snowy
110Tell-a-Tale Tilly
111Betsy’s Bugle
112Snapshot Sue
113Marie on Mystery Island
114The Swap-Over Girls
115Children of the Mist
116Skinflint School
117The Long Walk
118Dorando and the Deadly Dols
119The Jungle Ballet
120Wendy of the Wastelands
121Pam the Peace-Maker
122Nine-Lives Liz
123Dawn and the Dragon’s Eye
124Bobby’s Adventure Holiday
125The Young Ones
126Lucky Alone
127The Lass from Kilmora
128The Rose of Midnight
129Snap Happy Hetty
130Grandpa’s Got to Go
131The Sea Horse
132Save Our Stately Home
133Dolls of Doom
134Marvellous Marion
135Lindy Under the Lake
136Danger at Dolphin Bay
137Wrongly Accused!
138The Legend of the Well
139Joanne’s Journey
140Shula of Seal Island
141The Wanderbirds
142Sally Learns the Ropes
143The White Elephant
144Kim from Coral Island
145A Horse Called Bo-Peep
146Wee Slavey. Babyminder
147The Mystery on Misty Moor
148Sandra the Water Seeker
149Mighty Milly
150Dolls of Danger
151Oliver’s Travels
152Melody of Danger
153The TV Stars of Skinflint School
154Mystery of the Keep
155The Menace of the Manor
156The House of Hidden Secrets
157Wee Slavey, Princess
158Sabotage at St. Annes
159Flight of Fear
160Freda at Finishing School
161Cuckoo in the Nest
162The Diamond of Skinflint School
163Mystery Mansion
164The Rains in Spain
165The Denwich Debt
166Janey’s Big Chance
167The Reluctant Champion
168One Horse Hanson
169The Snow Chase
170Bobby Dazzler, Superswot
171Slave to her Skates
172Fiona and the Quilt
173Arctic Adventure
174The Cat
175Candy and Kay
176Petra’s Prison
177Companion in Crime
178The Small World of Violet Davies
179The Treasure Hunt
180Bobby Dazzler, Meets the Dragon
181The Hi-Jacked High Jumper
182The Ugly Duckling
183The Owl of Odwyn
184Tonia Model Girl
185Outback Annie
186The Matchmakers
187constance the Cat
188Supercop Susie
189Fay Flyweight
190Was My Mother a Witch?Yes
191Wendy’s Wonder Watch
192Fear From the PastYes
193Hayley on the High Board
194Bessie’s Balloon
195Cathy’s Kidnapped Dog
196Jill, Jenny and a Journey
197Gail  and the Caravan Pak
198Wheels of Fortune
199The Trouble with Mum
200More Trouble With Mum
201Wolf Girl
202Cathy’s Crystal Ball
203Vicky’s Veterun
204Trouble at Trekkers Tarn
205The Secret Seven Dolls
206The Diamond Dress
207Kelly’s Casebook
208The Siver Fish
209Tansy of Teentops
210The Campsite Carsons
211Paua’s Puppet
212Linda Doesn’t Live Here Any More
213Hilda’s Helpful Ghost
214Sultan Must Not Die
215“I’ll Never Play Tennis Again”
216Rag And Bone Rose
217“It’s Witchcraft Wendy”
218No Peace in Battle Road
219Molly and the Mihall Mystery
220Little Dolly DemonYes
221Dangerous Days for Betsy Brown
222Beryl in the Bottle
223Heather and Rose
224Prisoner’s in the Past
225Greta’s Ghostly Guardian
226Jean of St. Sinister’s
227Blind Billie
228Fear Behind the Footlights
229Dizzy Lizzie
230“I’ll Make You a Champion”
231Who Is Beth’s Beauty?
232Sal of Swap Street
233For the Love of Lollipop
234Floating Fay
235Serena Stunt Girl from the Stars
236Big Spender
237Green for Danger
238The Friend that Never Was
239It’s a Dog’s Life
240Rosie at Thorndale Hall
241Lady and the Champ
242Wars of the Roses
243Too Many Cooks
244Two Sides to Penny
245Sing a Song of Sadness
246Margie’s Magic BookYes
247The Pink Pussycats
248My Mum’s a Stranger
249The Secret World of Tracy Jones
250Polly of Pickpocket RowYes
251Zoo for Sale
252Vanishing Vicky
253The Dog From Nowhere
254Dora’s Dragon
255The Not So Happy Birhday Present
256My Grandad
257Little Sir Echo
258Wilma’s Water Babies
259The Secret Life of Sara Shaw
260Jilly the Jinx
261The Changing World of Julie Jackson
262Winnie’s Weeping Wilow
263Funfair of Fear
264Carol’s Camel
265House of Horses
266Kidnappers on the Pony Trek Trail
267The Story of Star
268Mum’s Mini
269Jungle Ballerina
270Mollie’s Monkey
271Unfair to FavouritesYes
272Where Have All the Children Gone?Yes
273Uncle Herbert’s Sherbet
274Wee Slavey
275Hazel Twigg- the water spotter
276A “Mouse” Like a Lion
277Dee for Disaster
278Wanda and the Whisperers
279No Place for a Sister
280Tina and Tuff
281Away Goes Gertie!
282Witch’s Blade
283Connie’s Cook-Book
284Junior Nanny
285Lady Stoneybroke and Princess Poverty
286“Ma Budge’s Drudge!”Yes
287Save the Children!
288Kerry’s First Trek
289Bring Back Belinda
290Bessie’s Dancing Bear
291Holiday Hall Nurse
292Vicky Green-cosmic queen
293“Not Good Enough for Bob!”
294Pop’s Fur and Feather Patch
295Princess Pat
296Carry on Karen
297Molly’s Mule
298Hetty Went Hopping
299Ride the Winged Horse!
300The Girls of Hungry Hall
301Transatlantic Schoolgirl
302The Eyes of Laura Lee
303Wash-Tub Belinda
304Jill Goes for Gold
305“She’ll Never Make a Soldier”
306“If You Loved Me-You’d Love My Dog!”
307Mina the Minder
308Too Friendly for Freda
309Wanda’s Wicked Fairy
310The Quarter Horse Kid
311Pop’s Fur and Feather Patch
312Court Jester
313Door-Mat Dora
314Holly’s Holiday
315The Phantom Runer of the Firs
316Making a Scene
317The Curse of the Crystal Ball
318The Million-Pound Mutt
319The Name They Hate!
320Betsy and the Butler
321One Jump Ahead…
323The Secret Shop
324Dana the Timemasters Daughter
325Dark Days for Debbie
326The B-Team
327Jake and Jester
328I’ll Make Her a Champ
329Dana the Timemasters Daughter
330Saucy Sue
331Lend A Hand Sam
333Perfect Little Ladies
334Leave it to Jill
337Baby Beth
338Wee Slavey
339Dream Island
340I’ll Make You Dance Again
341She’s My Friend
342Junior Nanny
343The Girl From Tomorrow
344The Toff’s of Mudd Lane
345Penny’s Peculiar Pony
346The Witch Gate
347Belinda’s Bike
349Keep Your Hair On!
350Wee Slavey
351Wedding Belle
352Junior Nanny
353Computer’s Can’t Cry
354The Girl From Tomorrow-is back
355Haunting at Hollybrook
356The Ghost Seekers
357Her Ladyship- Wee Slavey
358Cindy at Sea
359Girl Rock
361Cinderella Jones
362Ghost Train
363Wee Slavey, Shipwrecked
364The Dome
365Theatre of Fear
366The Recyclers
368Wee Slavey’s Christmas Mystery
369The House of Mirrors
370The Channel of Fear!
371Mystery of the Ballet
373Hannah Comes Home
374Katy Must Win!
375The Wandering Starrs

10 thoughts on “Judy Picture Story Library

  1. I have been looking for a picture story library book about a dress designing competition – the winner sticks some sparkly diamond shapes on a plain dress that has been splashed with ink by her rival and wins the competition. Does anyone have any ideas – I wondered if it could be the Judy picture story book “The Diamond Dress”. Thanks.

  2. Used to love getting Judy….My older sister got June and School friends, and my younger sister got Robin. The comics would arrive via the local newsagent and as long as we had done our chores and homework, we got our reward! That was in Perth, Western Australia in the 1960’s.

      1. “Robin” was a nursery comic like “Little Star”, “Twinkle” etc. it was aimed at both young boys and girls. It was published by Hulton Press (who also published Girl and Swift).

  3. I remember reading an old copy of a Judy annual as a child. The “paper sleeve” was missing from the cover, but I seem to remember the edition having a pink and cream cover. I think there was a comic strip about ballet shoes, possibly a ballerina whose ballet shoes had been damaged or sabotaged, and she finds a solution at the end? Wee Slavey was definitely in there, and a character who was brushing her hair a hundred times[?] (to get the curls out) before bed?

    I’d love to know which year it was published.

    1. This may be Judy Annual 1973. It has a pink and cream inside cover (photo of a girl with a suit of armour), a story about ballet shoes (“Sandra and the Silver Shoes” – shoes won’t let the wearer stop dancing because they have a drug hidden in the toes) and Wee Slavey (she gets a threepenny bit out of the Christmas pudding). Can’t see a story about hair brushing, but there is a feature about exotic hairstyles.

      More details and pictures from the stories here:


    1. I don’t know if this is what prompted your query, but you may have seen that somebody is currently offering this on eBay for £200. I personally think that is over the top. I’ve seen some recent eBay sales of early numbers of Judy picture libraries (say, the first 20 titles) sell for around £20. No doubt there will be a premium on this one because it’s Number 1 of the series, but £60-80 seems to me to be nearer the mark. However, that’s just my guesswork.

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