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Issue No.TitleBlog Post
1Driving into DangerYes
2Susan of Studio ‘B’Yes
3Sally On the Site
4The Silent Hotel
5Then There Were Three
6The Optimists
7Candy’s Collar
8The Magician’s Apprentice
9Gwendoline and Gran
10The Ivory Twin
11Sheila’s Sheepdog
12Kate Can Cope
13Mystery of the Ballet
14Roman Rita
15The Battling Baileys
16The Silver Baton
17Ride for Your Life, Julie
18Mystery at St. Mary’s
19A Pony Named Scarecrow
20Where is My Sister?
21Matron Mistikk
22The Curse of the Camera
23Brenda with the Bucket
25Lauren and the Secret Skater
26Mystery of the Sally Ann
27The Priceless Piano
28Slave at the Stables
29The Sky Sailors
30Riding for Rhoda
31Bionic Bunny
32The Girl Who Missed the Bus
33Beware the Mystic Ring!
34Gymnast Georgie
35Suzi-Ku’s Search for Stardom
36Mystery of the Manor
37Patsy the Peacemaker
38Skinny Minnie- Heavy Weight
39Secret Feud
40The Door to YesterdayYes
41Connie and Kim and Big Eggo
44Queen For a Year
45The Strange Change in Softie Simpson
46“You’re Not My Mum and Dad!”
47Intruder’s at St. Judes
48Dana on Danger Mountain
49Three Girls in a Boat
50Captives Under the Sea
51Battle of the Bridesmaids
52Rambling Rosa
53Katie’s Kitten
54Wendy’s Secret War
55Ruby’s Revenge
56Beware the Grey Guardians
57House of Fear
58A Home for Henrietta
59Ruth and the Ravens
60Big Brother is Watching You!
61Patsy the Pastry Cook
62Who is Astra?Yes
63Gilda’s Golden Torch
64The Curse of the Fox
65Gemma’s JewelsYes
66Pandora’s Box
67Holly’s Hilarious Holiday
68Turpin Rides Again
69Doreen’s Dummy
70The Barefoot Champion
71Wish Upon a Star
72Betsy at Big-Top Hotel
73Rita’s Remedy Book
74The Enchanted Necklace
75Hopeless Hope- she’s no dope!
76King Ali Cat
77Bleak Days at Blake House
78Suzy’s Supergran
79Wendy in the Wilderness
80The Riddle of the Chinese Bowl
81Ballerina from the Back Streets
82Polly on Pygmy Planet
83The Sisters’ Secret
84Dogsbody Debbie
85Snapshot Selina
86The Phantom Swimmer
87Linda’s Little Eden
88Brenda’s Barge
89Vanity Valley
90The Secret of Sally’s Secret
91Poor Little Rich Girl
92Tanzy Comes to Town
93Its all go on the Golden Trail
94Mog- is no Ordinary Cat
95The School of the Highwayman
96Peggy from Pegasus
97A Dog Called Calamity
98Wonder Doll
99Kidd’s Sister
100Julia and Jupiter
101Glenda Goes for Gold
102Vicky the Vixen
103Betsy and the Buter
104“They’re Letting Girls into St. Justins!”
105That Girl Next Door!Yes
106Till the Clock Strikes Twelve
107The Ghost of Lizzie Black
108Brenda’s St. Bernard
109Stranger in the House
110The Lifeboat Challengers
111A Partner for Paul
112Paddle Your Own Canoe
113Billy the Billabong
114A Ghost in the Family
115Toni’s Troopers
116The Secret Skater of St. Kit’sYes
117Maggie’s Mongrels
118Wendy of the Waterways
119The Promise Maudie Made
120My Giddy Goat
121Share and Share Alike!Yes
122She Lived to Dance
123Auntie Grace From Outer Space
124The Trouble With Ester
125Win Wendy, Win!
126The Girl From Smuggler’s Cave
127This Horse for Hire
128The Jinx on the Majestic
129“The Butler Did It”
130Roller-Skate Kate
131Two Cuckoos in the Nest
132Patsy’s Secret Park
133Grappling Gertie
134Hot Dinners for the Duke
135The Ding-Dong Bells
136Big Sister
137The Shadow Over Sheena Dodds
139Keeping Mum
140The Girl With My Face
141Old Rolls
142The Clifford Cup
143“Nobody Knows My Face!”Yes
144The Treasure Seekers
145The Ice Maidens
146Unlucky for Some
147What Can Donna Do?
148“Make Me a Champ!”
149The Girl in the Picture
150Polly the Pet Minder
152The Secret of Hardwick Hall
153Tough Gal Terry!
154Tina’s Toppers
155Girl Friday
157The Lamb that Mary Found
158The Lady of the Lake
159Margie’s Magic Aunt
160Under the Green Glacier
161Marinda Girl of Mystery
163The Good Fairy
164Wendy the Watcher
165Cycling Susie
166Search for Excitement
167“Oh, Mum!”
168Sally in the Saddle
169Mummy’s Girl
170The Girl With No Name…Yes
171Just the Job for Judy
172She’s Back! The Girl With No NameYes
173Shape Up Sharon!
174Girl Friday
175Melissa’s Minder
176“But Honestly…!”
177Karen’s Cats
178The Third WishYes
179Fran in Fashion
180Sandy’s Shadow
181The Secret Village
182The Black Cloud
184My Sister Must Go!
185Dream Boy
186Our Teacher’s an Alien
187The Secret Hotel
188Miss Cupid
189Penny’s Place
190Dragonchild and the Wild Ones
191Odd One Out
192Return of the Black Cloud
194I Wish…Yes
195In Search of the Truth
197I’ll Make You a Champion
198Lucy All Alone
199Gymnast Gina
200Little Sister
201My Friend Fury
202Rags and Riches
203No Job for a Girl
204Trading Places
205The Secret Life of Sara Shaw
206Mystery at Moorcress
207The Door to YesterdayYes
208Lorna and Lady
209House of Fear
210Pearce V Price
211Who is Astra?Yes
212Win or Lose?
213Aunt Ruby’s Revenge
215Hayley on the High Board
216Penny’s Place
221Wish Upon a Star
222The Smuggler’s Cave!
223Camp Site Kids!
224Going for Goals
225House of Horses
226The BarnYes
227Sing a Song of Sadness
228Golden Girl
229Fear Behind the Footlights
230Cab for Hire!
231The Stranger!
232Little Miss Big!
233“I’ll Show Them!”
234Chill Out
235The Secret…
236Where is Ben?
237Poor Little Rich Girl
239The Chase
240The Millpark MysteryYes
241Doubles Troubles
243Where are the Children?Yes
244A Brother for Molly
245Pandora’s Box
246In Sylvia’s Shadow
247No Place for a Sister
248News Hound
249Selina’s SketchesYes
250The House on Haggon Moor/”Beware Room 12A!”
251The Whisperers
252Act Your Age
253Tree of Fear
254My Friend Una
255Wolf Girl
256Sally on the Trail
257Dani’s Dragon
258The Jewellary Box
259Petra’s Prison
260Just the Job!
262Ring of Confidence
263A Dog Called Calamity
264Model Sister
265Intruder at St Judes
266Triple Trouble
267That Girl’s Me!Yes
268Beyond the Boundary
269Share and Share Alike!Yes
270Holiday on Mystery Isle
271The Jinx on the Majestic
273Dogsbody Debbie
274The Minx
275The Butler Did It!
277Friend From the Future

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  1. Has anyone got a copy of Chill Out they could perhaps scan for me? I’ve been looking for it for ages!

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