Mandy 1981


Picture Stories

  • A Wedding for Wilma (Pages: 4-9)
  • “That’s Not My Gran” [4 parts] (Pages: 11-16, 33-44, 81-90, 120-126)
  • The Living Lie of Linda (Pages: 22-32)
  • Lucy’s Locket (Pages: 45-48)
  • Stars in Her Eyes (Pages: 52-55)
  • Blind Ben’s White Christmas (Pages: 57-64)
  • There Was a Young Girl Who Lived in a Shoe (Pages: 69-74)
  • Gail’s Guardian Angel (Pages: 77-80)
  • It’s A Dare! (Pages: 91-96)
  • Stella Starr (Pages: 98-103)
  • Hilary of the Happy Bus (Pages: 107-111)
  • You Little Monkey! (Pages: 113-117)

Text Stories

  • Trek Into My Trouble (Pages: 17-21)
  • Ring a Ring of Roses (Pages: 49-51)
  • Best Foot Forward (Pages: 65-67)
  • Hello, Dorothy! (Pages: 75-76)
  • Donna’s Diary (Pages: 104-106)


  • Spooky Quiz (Pages: 10)
  • Cake-Bake Quiz (Pages: 56)
  • Christmas Quiz (Pages: 68)
  • Sea Side Quiz (Pages: 97)
  • Scene on Stage (Pages: 112)
  • The Which of the Woods (Pages: 118-119)


10 thoughts on “Mandy 1981

    1. Amazon ships to the US. There appears to be one available on but it $70 so should be cheaper to ship from UK. (There is also a Mandy Annual 1982 on US Amazon for $2.99 if you’re interested)

  1. This annual has been in our home since 1981 but, at some point, the last page was torn out! I’ve never seen how “That’s not my gran” was resolved – the fake gran was blasted and… ??? Are there any scans of this story online?

    1. Assuming you don’t need an actual physical copy of the page, best to ask at the comics uk forum if someone could upload a scan there (perhaps Derek can help).

      I don’t have the annual on hand at the moment, but if you are still looking for it in a few weeks I’m sure I can root it out then.

  2. I could provide a scan of the page, Mark, but I don’t think that facility is available on this site so it looks as though it’ll have to be eBay, I’m afraid.

  3. It is now nearly three weeks, Mark, since I made my offer. As there seems to be little point in keeping it open I will withdraw it at midnight tonight.

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