Judy 1962

judy 1962

Picture Stories

  • Sandra and the Sleeping Beauty (Pages: 6-13)  [Art: Paddy Brennan]
  • Colleen and the Last Witch (Pages: 26-31) [Art: George Ramsbottom]
  • Tricky Trixie (Pages: 33-38)
  • Joan All-Alone (Pages: 49-56)
  • Backstage Betty (Pages: 69-76) [Art: Don Walker]
  • Dixie at Dude Ranch (Pages: 90-94)
  • Runaway Princess in Paris (Pages: 97-104)
  • Heather in Italy (Pages: 113-120)  [Art: Giorgio Letteri]

Text Stories

  • Big Sister (Pages: 17-21)
  • Anna, Junior Miss (Pages: 42-46)
  • The Queens’ Champion (Pages: 57-61)
  • Val of the Valley (Pages: 81-85)
  • Thoughts of a Lonely Ice Star (Pages: 95-96)
  • Trombone Tillie (Pages: 105-108)


  • Flags (Pages: 2-3, 126-127)
  • Pick a Star from Judy (Pages: 4)
  • The Story of the Months (Pages: 14-15)
  • Perfect Gems (Pages: 16)
  • Millie and Tillie at the Circus (Pages: 22-23)
  • Teaser Tales: Millicent Churl (Pages: 24-25)
  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (Pages: 32)
  • Messages by Fan (Pages: 39)
  • Teaser Tales: Lilian Dobby (Pages: 40-41)
  • Janie on the Go : Borneo (Pages: 47)
  • Millie and Tillie in the Garden (Pages: 48)
  • The Emerald Isle (Pages: 62)
  • At Home with British Birds (Pages: 63)
  • The Story of the Song D’Ye Ken John Peel? (Pages: 64)
  • Great Girls (Pages: 65-68)
  • When I Grow Up (Pages: 77)
  • Janie on the Go: Belgium (Pages: 78)
  • At Home with British Birds (Pages: 79)
  • Mountain Guide (Pages: 80)
  • Quick Tick Fashion Quiz (Pages: 86-87)
  • Teaser Tales: Primrose Long (Pages: 88-89)
  • Going to Ballet School (Pages: 109-112)
  • Perfect Gems (Pages: 121)
  • The Story of the Days (Pages: 122-123)
  • Pets ABC (Pages: 124-125)

3 thoughts on “Judy 1962

  1. I am really impressed with comparing the first Judy annual to the last one. I wonder what the results would be if we did the same with the Bunty and Mandy annuals? I imagine the contrast would be even stronger because there would be an even longer span of time between them.

    Your character Bumble from Colleen and the Last Witch sounds like she comes from a long tradition of witches being portrayed as nuisances (and sometimes even bungling characters) than than evil sorceresses and the effect is more funny than frightening. Sometimes the witches are not even villainous – they are just magical beings, as in Bunty’s ‘Maisie’s Magic Aunt’ or Jinty’s ‘Sue’s Daily Dozen’. But of course there are the really evil ones, such as the ones in Suzy’s ‘The Curse of Carmina’ or Jinty’s ‘Golden Dolly – Death Dust!”.

  2. A few names for this year:

    • Sandra and the Sleeping Beauty [Art: Paddy Brennan]
    • Colleen and the Last Witch [Art: George Ramsbottom]
    • Backstage Betty [Art: Don Walker]
    • Heather in Italy [Art: Giorgio Letteri]

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