Mandy 1994


Picture Stories

  • Rhymes For Our Times: Little Miss Muffet (Pages: 4)
  • Angel [3 parts] (Pages: 5-10, 33-38, 113-118)
  • A Shy Romance (Pages: 11-15)
  • Cinderella Jones (Pages: 17-22)
  • M & J (Pages: 23-25)
  • The Perfect Pony (Pages: 27-32)
  • Rhymes For Our Times: The Queen of Hearts (Pages: 39)
  • A Fairy Story (Pages: 43-47)
  • Wee Slavey (Pages: 49-56)
  • Big ‘n’ Bertha (Pages: 57)
  • M & J (Pages: 59-61)
  • Rhymes For Our Times: Mary Had a Little Lamb (Pages: 64)
  • Love Next Door (Pages: 65-69)
  • Friend in Need (Pages: 70-75)
  • Roll Over Mozart! (Pages: 76-80)
  • Boy of My Dreams (Pages: 81-86)
  • The Magic Garden (Pages: 90-96)
  • Rhymes For Our Times: Little Bo Peep (Pages: 97)
  • Blind Date (Pages: 99-103)
  • Bargain Basement (Pages: 105-111)
  • I Hate Cousin Kate! (Pages: 119-124)
  • Pepper the Pony (Pages: 125)

Text Stories

  • Postman’s Knock [5 parts] (Pages: 26, 42, 87, 104, 112)
  • Two Sides to Every Story [2 parts] (Pages: 62-63, 98)


  • Check Your Dating Rating (Pages: 16)
  • Mother’s Day Breakfast Set to Make (Pages: 40-41)
  • My Friend (Pages: 48)
  • Matching Up (Pages: 58)
  • Cooking with Pauline (Pages: 88-89)
  • Pepper’s Show Jumping Game (Pages: 126-127)

6 thoughts on “Mandy 1994

    1. I will get around to them at some point. Both stories had a long run in the comics, so it takes longer than other short complete stories, to read through and write about. Possibly will do Valda in the soon future, as I’ve been reading through some of those stories recently.

  1. Angel was Mandy’s most popular serial ever – Mandy said so herself. So if there was a Top Ten for Mandy, which would come first – Angel or Valda? Or do we give them joint honours?

    Angel repeated twice. One reprint ended with the last issue of Mandy and the other was the Lucky Charm reprint. Angel spawned two ‘The Diary of Angel’ serials. The first appeared in Mandy, and starred a girl borrowing Angel’s diary for help in her recuperation from a road accident. The second was in M&J and had children reading stories out of Angel’s diary. (Personally, I think it would be a good idea to transcribe the diary because those constant borrowings can’t be good for its preservation!) And of course there were the Angel appearances in the annuals. I do not know if the original Angel ever repeated in M&J.

    1. I have a good collection of M&J, I’ve only come across “The Diaries of Angel”, so I don’t think classic Angel was reprinted. I would say it is a close call between Valda and Angel, I think they are both the most remembered of Mandy stories.

      1. Come to think of it, I think Angel was reprinted twice in Mandy. If that’s correct, classic Angel had four innings, including the original run and the Lucky Charm reprint.

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