Debbie Picture Story Library

Issue No.Title
1Lost On Planet X
2Corky’s Secret
3Slave Of The Watch
4Chippy The Chimp
5Her Worship Wilma
6Stagecoach Girl
7The Mirror Of Mystery And Menace
8Ten Tests For Tina
9The Smashers
10Odd Job Janet
11The Long Ride To Sunnysides
12The Tree Of Fear
13Cornet Kate
14Julie At The Winter Palace
15Sally At Your Service
16No Jumping For Joy
17Terror Farm
18The Hunted Princes
19The Wonder From The Stars
20Animal Nurse
21Julie’s Jungle Cousin
22Jenny’s Yeti
23The Runaway Star
24Margie’s Magic Bike
25Hetty of “HELP!”
26Di’s Disguises
27The Strange Song Of Syrie
28The Making Of Melinda
29The Troubles Of Tricia
30Little Miss Know All
31The Island Of Dogs
32Film Nurse Netta
33 The £100,000 Headache
34Prisoner Of The Ballet
35Milly Moon Comes To Earth
36Diane’s Donkey
37Make Me A Lady!
38Lisa’s Little Stars
39Marching With Margie
40Little Bessie
41Rosie Of The Royal
42June Johnson Holiday Nurse
43Save The Horses
44The Second Wonder From The Stars
45Sandra Of Sunholme
46Margie’s Meals On Wheels
47All The Queens’ Horses
48The Great Big World Of Billie Bright
49The Book of Shocks and Shivers
50Hoopalong Hetty
51The Phantom Ballerina
52Texas Trixie
53The Secret Princess
54Holly At Holiday Farm
55The Troubles Of Trudy
56The Wonderful Feather Duster
57Becky’s Buffalo
58Jeanie and the Mean Genie
59Polly’s Pony Express
60Hands Off Our Club
61Rosetta At Redroofs
62Great Aunt Gertie’s Ghost
63Badger Beth
64 The Shop at Shudder Corner
65Milly’s Monster
66School For Outcasts
67Fake Fame
68Rhoda’s Riders
69Mighty Mo And The Magic Helmet Show
70Ashamed of Her Sister
71The Search For Kitty’s Cat
72Sylvie Must Skate
73My Sister’s A Genius – Sometimes
74The Outsiders
75The Secret Of Diane’s Desk
76Mystery At The Wax House
77Buy Her a Pony!
78The Face In The Crystal
79Stella’s Step Into Time
80Fern And The Five Kittens
81Sailors On Wheels
82Terri Of The Ferry
83Danger Bus
84The Perils Of Pauline
85Jill’s Jumping Jack
86Magic Molly
87Cindy Of Redholme
88The New Girl
89The Truth About Trudy’s Teacher
90The Other Kay Wilson
91Selina’s Search
92Linda’s Ideal Gnome
93Ever On The Go Jo
94No Rest For Rosie
95Cheryl And The Chimp
96Better Than Any Boy
97The Cat With A Million Lives
98Polly From The Past
99All Kay King’s Horses
100Ashamed Of Her Mum
101School Of The Shadow
102The Green Lady
103Katie And Queenie
104The Wild One
105Me And My Imagination
106Cindy Of Redholme
107Trixie Of 2087
108The Waysiders
109Joker Wilde
110The Red Room Mystery
111Her Mum From Space
112Norah’s Ark
113Nurse Rosie And Her Pony Mac!
114Cobweb Academy
115Forbidden Friend
116Melody Meg
117The Cockney Sparrows
118Catty Katie
119The Sayings Of Susie
120Rowena The Robot
121Trixie’s Treasure Chest
122Marti From Mars
124Steffi On A String
125The Watcher in the Woods
126Raising the Readies!
127Trixie’s Treasure Chest
128Space Family Robinson
129Watching Big Brother
130Katy O’Connor- Student Nurse
131Margie’s Magic Bike
132Millie Main- Popstar Minder
133Trixie’s Treasure Chest
134Follow The Blue Baton
135Milly Moon- The Girl From Outer Space
136The Shop at Shudder Corner
137“My Swimming Comes First!”
138Oh Brother!
139Pam’s Puppets
140Dream Village
141My Pal Pickles
142Poor Little Paula
143Jane At St. A’s
144Harrow House
145Village Of Hope
146The Secret Star
147The Headline Hunters
148I’ll Follow My Father
149“Oh Dear! Gran’s Here!”
150Beyond a Strange Door…
151Kirsty’s Goal
152Carol’s Cauldron
153First Summer At Seaview
154The Fifty-Pence Pony
155The Doll’s House
156Apprentice Princess
157If Only She Knew!
158Tess Turpin
159The Telephone
160Duncan The Dolphin
161Making A Scene
162The Wilde Bunch
163School At Storm Point
164Happy Days
165Four Days Of Danger
166Two Lives for Lisa
167“Dancing Is My Life!”
168Life With Matilda
169Moira From The Mansion
170Miss Show-Off
171Run, Rona, Run!
172Save City Farm!
173Maisie Mercury
175High Walls
176A Family for Fiona
177Rena’s Revenge
178The Perfect Friend
179Tess Takes Over
180Wendy’s World
181Fay’s Fortunes
182Family Of The Year
183Dorcas And The Dark Lady
184Rosie Of The Royal
185The Wonderful Feather Duster
186Rachel’s Return
187The Goode Neighbours
188Hetty Of Help
189Prisoner Of The Ballet
190Diane’s Dream
191Keeping Kevin Secret
192Oh, Brother!
193The Hunted Princess
194Mystery at Wax House
195The Face in the Crystal
196Fern and the Five Kittens
197My Secret Sister

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