Diana Annual 1969

Pages Content Notes
Cover / Dust Jacket
2-3 Climbing, Jumping, Running… Photos
4 This Book was Presented to…. by….  on…
5 Diana for Girls A title page
6-11 The Girls from N.O.O.D.L.E.S Picture story
12-17 Mary Brown’s Schooldays Picture story
18-23 On Holiday With- Claudia/ Eleanor/  Anne/ Lucy Feature
24 Join the Crew Poem
25-31 Festivals and Fun Feature
32 Hooray for Holidays Poem
33-36 How Cathy Tricked a Ghost Picture Story
37-38 Life With Miss Peake – Ugh! Text Story
39-43, 46 Mandy the Thirteenth Picture story
44-45 Secrets of the Palm Feature
47-48 Nothing But the Best- for Cousin Gertrude Text story
49-54 Emergency Nurse Gwen Picture story
55 The Village That Died Feature
56-61 Tales of the Trees Feature
62-67 Mascot of the Ballet Picture Story
68-71 Ballet Quiz Feature
72-75 Dances of the World Feature
76-80 The Mermaids Picture story
81-86 Wedding Belle Picture story
87-88 The Loneliness of Being Sandra Text story
89-94 Ingrid at Push-Button Academy Picture story
95-96 The Girl With the Magic Touch Text story
97 Knit this Super Smarty Top/ Hairstyles for the Modern Miss Feature
98-103 Jane Model Miss Picture story
104 A Sweater and Hat to Knit for Snow Time Feature
105-110 Starr of Wonderland Picture story
111-113 The Wonderland of Dolls Feature
114-119 Sadie Macbeth Picture story
120-121 Fairies in Ballet Feature
122-125 Lorna at Court Picture story
126-127 Racing, Barking, Tugging… Photos