Judy Annual 1969


Pages Content Notes
Cover / Dust jacket
2-3 Dreams.. Picture
4-5  Judy Book for girls  A title page
6-9 Fay Farrell- Problem School Nurse Picture story
10-12 Models to Make (Jet Sledge/Susie Spillholder/ Daisy Doggy-Bank) Feature
13-18 The Hobbies of Holly Picture story
19 Tricky Teasers Puzzles
20-21 Judy’s cut-out doll Feature
22-27 Topsy on Her Toes Picture story
28-29 Flower Game Feature
30-32 Just Sew Feature
33-35 The Cheat Text story
36-37 Our Class Picture story
38-41 Me and My Family Picture story
42-43 Winnie the Witch’s Puppet Theatre Feature
44-45 Wee Slavey Picture story
46-47 On Tour With “My Fair Lady” Feature
48-50 Fiona of the Fells Picture Story
51 Fanfare! Feature
52-55 Lorna’s Leprechaun Picture story
56-57 Junior Nanny Picture story
58-59 How Bright are You? Feature
60-61 Mandy of the Mobile Zoo Picture story
62 How do you Doodle? Feature
63 Poster: Girl and Rabbit  Poster
64 Polly and her Pram Picture story
65-70 The Girl Who Could Do Anything Picture Story
71-73 Weather Lore Feature
74-77 The Dreams of Alwyn Picture story
78-79 Treasure Island Feature
80 Pot Pourri Feature
81-82 Annie’s Ark Picture story
83-84 A Flair for Fashion Feature
85-87 Car Games Feature
88-95 Sandra and the Captive Ballet  Picture story
96-99 My Cat George Text story
100-103 Growing Up- Spike Milligan Picture story (factual)
104-105 Put Your Best Foot Forward Feature
106-111 Bobby Dazzler Picture story
112 The Opera comes to Town Feature
113-117 Skinflint School Picture story
118-119 Go to Work on an Egg! Feature
120-124 Bobtail the Beach Rescue Picture story
125 The Story of Sadler’s Well Feature
126-127 Reality Picture