Judy Annual 1971


Pages Contents Notes
Cover / Dust jacket
2-3 Judy’s Hop-Over-the-Hurdles Game Game
4-5 Judy for Girls A title page
6-12 Jenny Appleseed Picture story
13 To the Rescue Feature
14-15 Make a Moving Roundabout Feature
16-19 The Dreams of Alwyn Picture story
20 Snap! Feature
21 Zoo’s Who! Feature
22-23 Add –Up-a- Picture Feature
24-27 Junior Nanny Picture story
28-29 Pet Parade Feature
30-32 The Rescue Rangers Picture story
33 Picture X-Word Feature
34-35 Fay Farrell- problem school nurse Picture story
36-37 How to Improve your Holiday Snapshots Feature
38-41 Dash! Text story
42 How Bright Are You? Feature
43 Do Other People Like You? Feature
44-47 Strangers in White Picture story
48-50 Pet Shop Pauline Picture story
51 Dottie’s Letter Text story
52-55 Madge the Badger Picture story
56-57 Cooking by Looking Feature
58 Naughty Dottie Picture story
59-61 The Problem Solvers Picture story
62-64 Nothing Short of a Miracle! Text story
65-69 Nothing But the Truth! Picture story
70-71 Ventriloquist’s Dummy! Feature
72-73 Ginger’s Dream Feature
74-77 The Hobbies of Holly Picture story
78 The Mountain Challenge Feature
79-80 Judy’s Cut Out Doll Feature
81 Polly and her Pram Picture story
82-83 Annie’s Ark Picture story
84-85 First Aid for Pets Feature
86-89 Wee Slavey Picture story
90 Janie B. Quick Picture story
91-93 Colleen and the Last Witch Picture story
94-95 Me and My Family Picture story
96 A Puppy Dog’s Tale Feature
97-99 Cinderella of the Orphanage Picture story
100-101 The Girl who Could do Anything Picture story
102-103 Personality Pat Picture story
104 Are You Creative? Feature
105-107 Bobby Dazzler Picture story
108 Puzzle Page Puzzles
109-112 Dragon Island Text story
113 Make Flora Flower-Seller Feature
114-121 The Dark Horse Picture story
122-123 Judy’s Ever-Clean Apron Feature
124-125 Steeple Jill Picture story
126-127 The Judy Obstacle Race Game