Judy Annual 1976


Pages Contents Notes
2-3 All Your Own Work Pictures
4-5 Judy for Girls A title page
6-9 The Baby Sitters Picture story
10-11 Fun at the Fair Puzzles
12 Make a top-Pop Tammy! Feature
13 It’s a Hit! Feature
14-17 My Brother Barney Picture story
18 Your Own Design Factory Feature
19-20 The Peacock Family Picture story
21 Tidy Heads Feature
22-23 It’s One of Those Days Feature
24-27 She of the Shadows Picture story
28 3-D Flower Pictures Feature
29-31 Mary of the Moorlands Picture story
32 Button Up! Feature
33-34 Tell-A-Tale Tess Picture story
35-37 Vacant Possession Text story
38 Big ‘n’ Bertha Picture story
39-42 What’s My Sign? Feature
43-45 Backstage Betty Picture story
46/ 52-53 Pony Tales Feature
47 Dottie’s Spanish Holiday Picture story
48 Janie B. Quick Picture story
49-51 Junior Nanny Picture story
54 Be a Number One Wizard! Feature
55-58 Wee Slavey Picture story
59-62 The Iron-Grey Colt Text story
63-64 Lazy Daisy Picture story
65-71 Val of the Valley Picture story
72-73 Nail Know-How! Feature
74 Pictures That Tell a Story About – You! Feature
75-79 Pearl the Pearlie Picture story
80-82 Rainbow’s End Text story
83-86 Skinflint School Picture story
87 Thumbs Up! Feature
88-89 Barney Bear Feature
90 Make Your Own Pop-Corn! Feature
91-94 Bobby Dazzler Picture story
95 Dinah Wants a Dog! Picture story
96 Numbers in the Sand Feature
97-99 My Sergeant-Major Dad Picture story
100-101 Growing Up- Carly Simon Picture story
102-103 Dottie’s Cartoon Picture Gallery Feature
104-107 A Disc Date With Donny Feature
108 Patchwork Peg Feature
109-111 The Cat of Crosby Road Picture story
112 Handle With Care Feature
113-117 Big Spender Picture story
118-119 Lovely to Look At Feature
120-121 Christmas Spread Feature
122-125 The Surprise Picture story
126-127 Around the World! Photos