Judy Annual 1977


Pages Contents notes
Cover /
2-3 All Sorts of Horses: Part 1
Description of different horses with drawn pictures (colour)
4-5 Judy for Girls
Picture of a band playing to audience of girls (colour)
A title page
6-12 Gloomy Day
Clare Day sets herself the challenge of not smiling for 3 hours
to earn money for charity (colour)
Picture story
13-16 Make Your Own Posters and Greeting Cards
A guide to make a variety of cars and posters (colour)
17 A Garden in a Jam-Jar
Turn a jar into decorative plant pot (mono colour – orange)
18-21 Wee Slavey
Nellie has a dream she’s in the future (i.e.the present) but
she doesn’t find work any less demanding (mono colour-orange)
Picture story
22-24 Christmas in the Country
Tessa isn’t too happy to spend Christmas in the boring country
with her aunt Rose but it turns out not to be so boring after all
(mono colour – orange)
Text story
25-29 Newshound Nell
Nell annoys the staff of the local newspaper with her ambition to
become a reporter. She causes havoc at a garden party she is
meant to be reporting at. (mono colour – orange)
Picture story
30-32 Lulu Growing Up
The life of Lulu “Marie McDonald McLaughlin Lawrie”
told in pictures (black &white)
33-39 Christmas Story
Jackie jones helps two recently orphaned kids to accept
their auntie as their new family (colour)
Picture story
40-41 Shell Craft
How to make a variety of things using shells, like a brooch
or shell art (colour)
42-44 Mum Knows Best
Julie James is delighted to have the house to herself for the
day she can sleep in la and eat what she likes but it turns out
sometimes parents rules are better (colour)
Picture story
45-47 Cut it Out!
A variety of animals to cut out and fold (colour)
48-50 The House on the Hill
Topsy feels embarrassed to show her untidy house to the boy
who lives in the big house on the hill (colour/ mono -blue)
Text story
51-53 Bobby Dazzler
A trip to the fair doesn’t go well for Mike when he fails to win
any prizes and Bobby stops his attempts of scaring her on the
ghost train. (mono colour -blue)
Picture story
54 Steady On!
A game where you trace a route to a place but have to use
a mirror (mono- blue)
55-57 The Magic Place
Carolyn is hoping to sail with Andrew for the school race but
ends up with Tubby. she finds herself having fun and when
they get off course, they find a hidden cave. (mono colour -blue)
Text story
58-59 Meet the Matu
Photos with captions of the Mobile Animal Treatment Unit
60 Wish Your Friends a Snappy Greeting!
How to make a a card that snaps (mono colour – blue)
61 Dotty Discs
Cartoons about album and songs names (mono colour -blue)
62-64 According to Plan
Carol tries to get the new boy next door to notice her
(mono colour- blue)
Picture story
65 Janie B. Quick
Janie think she will be a big winner at sports day
(mono colour – orange)
Picture story
66-67 How the Teddy Bear Got His Name
The story of where teddy bears came from with pictures
(mono colour – orange)
68-69 Make Your Own Teddy
Instructions and patterns to make a teddy (mono orange)
70-74 “Love Me, Love My Horse!”
Rona regrets going on an outing because when she gets
home her horse has taken ill (mono colour – orange)
Picture story
75 The Calendar That’s Never Out of Date
Make a calendar (mono colour – orange)
76 Make Your Own 3D Pop Pix!
Instructions to make a picture into a 3d picture
77 Big ‘n’ Bertha
Berta is worried that Big is really ill as he is off
his food but turns out he’s just love sick!
(mono colour – orange)
Picture story
78-80 Three’s Company
Billy,Paul and Jane are all friends but Jane thinks maybe it’s
time to actually have a date to the dance rather than going
as a threesome(orange)
Picture story
81 Cute ‘n’ Cuddly
Knit a Cuthbert toy (colour)
82-83 The Courage of a Young Queen
The story of Henrietta Maria (Charles I wife) rescue of her
dog (colour)
84-88 Volcano
A dormant volcano suddenly erupts sand Moira sets off to
warn her uncle who lives up the mountain (colour)
Picture story
89 Wicked Winnie
Make a witchy ornament (colour)
90-91 Christmas Crackers
Variety of puzzles including word jumble and spot the difference
92-95 If Dreams Come True
Jill tries to save up money for a bike but gives the money to
her gran instead as she needs it more (colour)
Picture story
96 A Snowman With a Secret
Make a Christmas ornament with secret compartment (colour)
97-101 Big Spender
Liz Spender’s new crush is going to cost the girls a soccer match
unless Jean can get her over her crush (mono colour – green)
Picture story
102 Smi-Ling!
Fish cartoons (mono colour – green)
103-105 Green Fingers
Elizabeth loves gardening but her mother wants her to
take care of her appearance more (mono colour – green)
Text story
106-111 The Ghost of Green Abbey
When Sally visits friends she wants to help the keep from
selling their home, and a ghost also doesn’t like the potential
new owners (mono colour – green)
Picture story
112 Pony Trek
Crossword puzzle (mono colour – green)
113 A Place for Everything
How to make a notice board (colour)
114-116 The Problem
Romy has a problem as she thinks her parents won’t
approve of her scruffy boyfriend Alan(colour)
Picture story
117 Saving Grace
Make a piggy bank (colour)
118-119 Paper Makes a Pretty Picture
Make a picture using layers of coloured tissue paper (colour)
120-125 Big Sister
Janet helps a girl who moves to America to be with a
grandparent even though she really misses her other
gran she thinks her gran can’t afford to keep her.
(Colour) Art – Ian kennedy
Picture story
126-127 All Sorts of Horses: Part 2 Feature