Judy Annual 1979


pages Contents Notes
2-3 Photos Photos
4 Judy for Girls A title page
5-11 The Summer-House Picture story
12-13 Amazing Stonehenge Feature
14-16 Contest for Katie Picture story
17 Dottie’s Silly Saying Feature
18-21 Val of the Valley Picture story
22-23 Bob’s Your Uncle! Feature
24-27 The Hobbies of Holly Picture story
28 Poster: David Soul Feature
29-31 Meet Rod Hull and Emu Picture story
32 Big ‘n’ Bertha Picture story
33-35 The Treasure of Tutankhamen Feature
36 The Goodies Feature
37-41 Big Spender Picture story
42-43 The Muppet Show Feature
44-47 Bobby Dazzler Picture story
48 Pretty Polystyrene Feature
49 Dottie’s Practical Jokes Picture story
50-53 Junior Nanny Picture story
54-55/ 124 Boyfriends Picture story
56-57 Dial a Boyfriend! Feature
58-61 Skinflint School Picture story
62 Animal Antics Feature
63-64 It’s Magic!/ Fun Box/ Do You Forget… Feature
65-69 Schoolgirl Vet Picture story
70-71 Penny at the N.E.C. Feature
72-77 Saucy Sal Picture story
78-79 Jumping for Joy! Feature
80-81 Nest-Box Know How Feature
82-83 All the Owls Feature
84-87 Myths and Monsters Feature
88-89 Meet Roger De Courcey Picture story
90 Poster: The Carpenters Poster
91-93 Big Sister Picture story
94-95 Lovely to Look At Feature
96 Five in Fur Coats Feature
97 Pony Tales Picture story
98-99 Dottie’s Dreams of Glory Feature
100-102 Easy Dowse it Feature
103-105 Backstage at the London Palladium Pantemoine- Cinderella Feature
106-109 Absent-Minded Alex Text story
110-112 Discovering Drama Feature
113-117 Wee Slavey Picture story
118-120 The Brahan Seer Feature
121 Some Faces of Mike Yarwood Feature
122-123 Orphan Island Picture story
125 Cora Took Four ‘Bricks’ Feature
126-127 Photos Photos