Judy Annual 1981


pages Contents Notes
2-3 Readers Photos Photos
4 Judy for Girls A title page
5-9 A Baffling Birthday Picture story
10 Golden Oldies Feature
11-15 The Wishing Stick Picture story
16, 48 Pin Up Posters
17-19 Cora Cupid Picture story
20-22 Treasure Hunt! Feature
23-25 Wee Slavey Picture story
26 Kitty the Egg Warmer Cat Feature
27-29 First-Time Faith Picture story
30-31 Cinderella on Ice Feature
32 Make a Dragon Pencil Box Feature
33 Cycle Test Feature
34-39 Hon’s Lum Picture story
40-41 Animal Magic Feature
42 Hobby Hint Feature
43-47 The Runner Picture story
49-51 Be a TV Producer! Feature
52-53 Danger- Min at Work Picture story
54-55 Howzat? Feature
56-57 Dottie’s Telly Joke Book Feature
58-59 Baby Talk Text story
60 Big ‘n’ Bertha Picture story
61-63 Schoolgirl Vet Picture story
64 Make This Double Dolly! Feature
65 Make Yourself a Dolly Brooch! Feature
66-67 Sawdust Story Feature
68-70 “You Will Obey!” Picture story
71 Finger & Arm Magic/ Make an Apron Feature
72-73 Having a Party Feature
74 Boyfriends Picture story
75-77 Anna’s Private Army Picture story
78-79 Sun Signs Feature
80 Curly Text story
81-84 Calendar Calendar
85–87 Junior Nanny Picture story
88-89 Shiny Christmas Cards Feature
90-91 Royal Horses Feature
92-96 Trapped Picture story
97 My Beloved Chippy Text story
98-99 Pony Pageant Feature
100-103 Shock Treatment Picture story
104-105 Kenny Everett Feature
106 The Gangs All Here! Feature
107-112 Over the Hill Picture story
113-117 Terror for Tina Picture story
118-119 It’s All in the Name Feature
120 Cuthbert the Caterpillar Feature
121-125 The Immortal Dancer Picture story
126-127 Readers Photos Photos