Judy Annual 1982


Pages Contents Notes
2-3 Photos Photos
4 Judy for Girls A title page
5-9 Lost Saturday Picture Story
10-11 Powder ‘n’ Paint Feature
12 Budding Beauty Feature
13-15 Junior Nanny Picture Story
16 Ski-Course Game
17-19 Her Finest Hour Picture Story
20-21 Dottie’s Ye Olde Joke Book Jokes
22-23 Sez Sue Text story
24-25 Danger, Min at Work! Picture Story
26 Party Box Maker/ Cracker Crossword Feature
27-31 Wee Slavey Picture Story
32 The Meat-Pie Pony Text story
33 Wedding Traditions Feature
34-36 Backstage at the Dance Feature
37-39 Lost Chance Picture Story
40-41 Design-a-Card Feature
42-46 The Afanc Picture Story
47 Judy Reader’s Calendar 1982 Calendar
48 Confessions Feature
49 Time Well Waisted Feature
50-51 Big ‘n’ Bertha Picture Story
52-55 Born to Dance Picture Story
56-57 Dottie’s New Year Picture Story
58-63 Cora Cupid Picture Story
64 Message Scrambler/Hobby Hint Feature
65-67 The Honest Thief Picture Story
68-69 Could You Be a Star?… Feature
70 Rock-a-Bye Feature
71-73 The Racket Photo story
74-76 Anita’s Butler Picture Story
77-79 First-Time Faith Picture Story
80 Pony Tales Picture Story
81-83 Is a Goldfish Really a Girl’s Best Friend? Picture Story
84-87 The Golden Touch Picture Story
88-89 Fly a Kite Feature
90 Winter Warmers Feature
91 Midnight Garden Feature
91-95 The Haunted Churchyard Picture Story
97 Boyfriends Picture Story
98-101 Abandoned! Picture Story
102-103 What an Idea! Feature
104-105 Miss Match! Text story
106-107 Bobby Dazzler Picture Story
108 Natty Napkin Rings Feature
109-111 Schoolgirl Vet Picture Story
112 Home Cooking Text story
113-115 The Warning Picture Story
116-117 Flying Gems Feature
118-119 The Cut ‘n’ Curl Caper Feature
120 Magic Rings Feature
121-125 Party Girl Picture Story
126-127 Photos Photos