Katy O’Connor


Katy O’Connor is nurse and a good problem solver. She starts out as a student nurse at St. Christopher’s hospital, and goes onto work in many different positions such as being a ship’s nurse.

katy oconnor



  • Katy O’Connor Student Nurse–  Bunty: circa #94 (31 October 1959) – #107 (30 January 1960)
  • Katy O’Connor Student Nurse–  Bunty: circa #166 (18 March 1961) – (?)
  • Katy O’Connor Ship’s Nurse– Bunty: circa #187 (12 August 1961) – (?)

 Other Appearances:

  • Katy O’Connor –  Bunty Annual 1961
  • House of Secrets – Bunty Picture Story Library #4
  • The Girl in Mystery Cottage – Bunty Picture Story Library #8

3 thoughts on “Katy O’Connor

  1. This was a favourite story of mine. I used to say that when I grew up I would have my hair just like Katy’s! Wasn’t there an evil staff nurse, Nurse Leach?

    1. There was one story in an annual where Katy changed her hair colour to brunette to impersonate the mother of a sick girl, who would not recover without her mother.

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