Lorna at Court


Lorna Butterwick is an imaginative schoolgirl who writes historical pieces for the school magazine. When she falls asleep she travels back in time (although there is ambiguity to whether it is all a dream or not), and is able to take notes about the particular period of time.

lorna at court


  • Artist:  Juan Gonzalez Alacreu (Diana: 303-308)
  • This serial was meant to be educational as well as entertaining. It had a tagline of “Getting to know history in a fascinating way”.


  • Lorna at Court–  Diana: #250 (02 Dec. 1967) – #260 (10 Feb. 1968)
  • Lorna at Court–  Diana: #303 (07 Dec. 1968) – #308 (11 Jan. 1969)

Other Appearances:

  • Lorna at Court – Diana Annual 1969
  • Lorna at Court – Diana Annual 1970


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