Lorna Drake


Lorna Drake, is a promising ballet dancer at the Thelma Mayne Dancing School. She doesn’t  always have the easiest time, especially when another student Marilyn Molton, becomes jealous of her.

lorna drake


  • Artist: Tony Thewenetti


  • Lorna Drake on the lonely road of a ballerina–  Bunty: circa 166 (18 March 1961) – ?

Other Appearances:

  • The Face That Did Not Fit- a Lorna Drake story – Bunty Annual 1976
  • The Face in the Painting – Bunty Picture Story Library #03
  • Lorna Drake and the Stowaway’s Secret – Bunty Picture Story Library #09
  • Lorna Drake – Ballerina Behind Bars – Bunty Picture Story Library #12
  • The Secret of the Doll’s House –  Bunty Picture Story Library #40


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