Mary Brown’s Schooldays


Mary Brown wins a scholarship to the exclusive St. Winifred’s School. At first she is given a hard time by Sarah Dobbs who resents her. She soon makes friends though and has many adventures.

mary_browns_schooldays        mary brown


  • Although the Diana comic merged with Jackie (a more magazine based book), a few of Diana’s stories carried on in other comics.  Both Mary Brown’s Schooldays and Up to Date Kate ended up in Debbie.  The Fabulous Four went to Spellbound under the new name Supercats.


  • Mary Brown’s Schooldays –  Diana: circa #212 (18 Mar 1967) – (?)
  • Mary Brown’s Schooldays –  Debbie: circa #349 (10 October 1979) – (?)
  • Mary Brown’s Schooldays –  Debbie: circa #505 (16 October 1982) – (?)

Other Appearances:

  • Mary Brown’s Schooldays – Diana Annual 1969
  • Mary Brown’s Schooldays – Diana Annual 1973
  • Mary Brown’s Schooldays – Debbie Annual 1984


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