Paula and the Wasps of Terror


Paula Spencer is a brilliant young violinist, whose career is threatened by wasps. After her first big concert, while driving home the car suddenly starts to fill with wasps. They crash and her music instructor is killed in the crash. Her father is left badly injured and Paula is also injured so she will struggle to make a comeback. A further threat to Paula’s comeback is her developing spheksophobia (fear of wasps). She continues to be terrorised by wasps and it’s indicated that her new instructor, Krishnan, has something to do with it.

paula and wasps of terror


  • Reprinted in Spellbound under the shorter title Paula


  • Paula and the Wasps of Terror–  Diana: #187 (17 Sep. 1966) – #196 (19 Nov. 1966)
  • Reprinted as Paula  – Spellbound:  #22 (19 Feb. 1977) – 31 (23 Apr. 1977)

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