The Courage Of Little Sister / “Wendy Will be Married!”


Betty and Pam have to live with their lazy cheating aunt and uncle after their parents died. Pam has just come out of hospital after a long illness but she is determined not to let her guardians ruin Betty’s chance of happiness. But the relatives are aware of this and are trying to stop Betty marrying and leaving them. In the updated picture story, Betty’s name is changed to Wendy.



  • Originally a text story
  • Updated as a Picture story in Mandy under the new title Wendy Will Be Married!”


  • The Courage Of  Little Sister (text)-  Diana: #1 (23 February 1963) – (?)
  • Reprinted as a picture story Wendy Will be Married!” –  Mandy:  #387 (15 June 1974) – #395 (10 August 1974)


5 thoughts on “The Courage Of Little Sister / “Wendy Will be Married!”

    1. Corrected now! You know looking at this I think this story was reworked as “Wendy will be Married” from Mandy. The sister’s name has changed from Betty to Wendy but the rest of the names are the same and the relatives are trying to stop Wendy/Betty getting married and leaving.

  1. Exactly the same story under revised names and titles or a reworking of the story with new title, names and artist?

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