The Truth About Valda

List of Appearances:

  • The Truth About Valda  – Mandy:  #56 (10 Feb. 1968) – #75 (22  Jun. 1968)
  • Reprinted – Mandy: #347 (08 September 1973) – #366 (19 January 1974)
  • Reprinted – Mandy: #590 (06 May 1978) – #609 (16 September 1978)
  • Reprinted – Lucky Charm: #22
  • Reprinted – M&J:   #129 (30 October 1993)  – #143 (05 Feb 1994)
  • The Amazing Valda – Mandy:  #105 (10 Feb. 1969) – #124 (31 May 1969)
  • Reprinted – Mandy: #367 (26 January 1974) – #386 (08 June 1974)
  • Reprinted – Lucky Charm: #1
  • The Return of Valda – Mandy:  #195 (10 Oct. 1970) – #209 (16 Jan. 1971)
  • Reprinted – Mandy:  #504 (13 Sep. 1976) -#518 (18 Dec. 1976)
  • Reprinted- Mandy: #1060 (09 May 1987) – #1073 (08 Aug. 1987)
  • Ten Tests for Valda – Mandy: #243 (11 Sep. 1971) – #256 (11 Dec. 1971)
  • Reprinted- Mandy:   #557 (17 September 1977) – #570 (17 December 1977)
  • Reprinted- Mandy: #1139 (12 November 1988) – #1152 (11 February 1989)
  • Valda in the Secret City – Mandy: #300 (14 Oct. 1972) – #314 (20 Jan. 1973)
  • Reprinted – #824 (30 October 1982) – #838 (05 February 1983)
  • The Girlhood of Valda – Mandy:  #396 (17 Aug. 1974) – #420 (01 Feb. 1975)
  • Reprinted- Mandy:  #1034 (08 November 1986)  – #1058  (25 April 1987)
  • Reprinted (abridged) – Lucky Charm: #8
  • A Mission for Valda – Mandy: #454 (27 Sep. 1975) – #465 (13 Dec. 1975)
  • Valda – Girl of Mystery – Mandy: #639 (Apr. 14 1979) – #652 (Jul. 14 1979)
  • Valda and the Survivors – Mandy: #717 (11 Oct. 1980) – #731 (17 Jan. 1981)
  • Reprinted: Mandy #1217 (12 May 1990) – #1231 (18 Aug. 1990)
  • Valda and She of the Shadows – Mandy:  #839 (13 Feb 1983) – #850 (30 Apr 1983)
  • Valda and the Baby Prince – Mandy:  #920 (1 Sep 1984) – #933 (1 Dec 1984)

Other Appearances:

  • Valda – Mandy Annual 1971
  • Valda – Mandy Annual 1974
  • The Amazing Valda – Mandy Annual 1976
  • Valda – Mandy Annual 1983
  • Valda – Mandy Annual 1984
  • Valda and the Guardians of the Tomb – Mandy Annual 1986
  • Valda and the Burning of Barthol – Mandy Annual 1992
  • Valda- Traveller in Time – Mandy Annual 1993
  • Valda – Mandy Annual 2002
  • Valda – Mandy Picture Story Library: #151
  • Valda – Mandy Picture Story Library: #156
  • Valda – Mandy Picture Story Library: #162


31 thoughts on “The Truth About Valda

  1. I suspect that one of the reasons Valda was so popular is that she was such a refreshing change from heroines who are so often forced to suffer against misery and cruelty, and usually have to do it alone and in silence. Well, she is for me! Here we have a strong, superhero type who would never let herself be pushed around. Instead, she will fight and triumph against adversity and help others to do the same.

  2. The Valda stories I have seen that featured in Picture Libraries format were one off stories and not altered from the weekly comic serials. The Lucky Charm comics were in A4 sized, 64 page format and featured collected episodes of various Valda stories.
    There are two Mandy Picture Libraries featuring Valda as far as I know, but drawn by a different artist.

  3. I will have a look at the Mandy Picture Libraries I have to check the artwork – maybe one of them is Dudley Wynne’s work, I can’t remember offhand.

    1. There were three Valda picture libraries, I think the first one #151 has art by Dudley Wynne. I have the second one as well but not the third one.

      1. There was a Valda picture library not drawn by Dudley Wynne. It was drawn by Barrie Mitchell, the last Four Marys artist. I don’t know what others thought of the change in artist. For me, it was awfully funny seeing Valda drawn by different hands and Mitchell has never been one of my favourite artists.

  4. I was a weekly reader of both the Mandy and Judy girl comics (a very long time ago). I loved the Valda stories and often relay them to people now who have never heard of her. Yes I’m quite sure she would still be a popular character in story books or, more likely, TV episodes, today.

  5. Thursday 18 June 2015
    Mandy was plentiful with lively stories. Valda remains in one’s mind because her life, was a succession of action and amazing missions.
    Ms Ngozi Ngwube (Founder and Consultant ng3website).

  6. I seem to remember a story in the first series where Valda had lost a competition to another skater some decades earlier, even though both of them knew the judges had made the wrong decision. Valda meets this skater again (would it be Eva?) and offers her the chance to compete again, although it will be the death of her. The other skater agrees and they compete in Valda’s cave, the elderly woman made young for a few hours by the Fire of Life. I think a judge or reporter is there to judge the contest? All agree that Valda is the winner, despite the undoubted talent of her opponent. The other skater collapses and becomes elderly again and is taken home where she dies in her sleep. The judge thinks he has dreamed the whole thing.

    This story (if I have remembered it correctly) puzzled me at the time as I felt it out of character that Valda should be rankled by a simple misjudgement. But I was only eight years old at the time, and the subtleties of human nature may have escaped me!

    1. This story appears within Lucky Charm 22 The Truth About Valda (pp 25-27). The former ice champion was Anna Brandt, and the judge is the official who had introduced them the previous day. Valda removes the sleeping Anna from her house and takes her to her cave. There she asks Anna if she had meant what she said about being happy to die if she could have just one more hour of her youth in order to skate again like a champion. Anna agrees because her life means nothing to her without her skating so she agrees to immerse herself in the fire of life. Both skate superbly but the official feels that Valda just has the edge, and Anna agrees with him, telling him that she was lucky to beat Valda all those years ago. In keeping with the agreement she had made with Valda, Anna dies in Valda’s cave just as the rejuvenating effects of the fire of life wear off. Only then, on seeing the old woman does the judge realise who she is. The following morning he reads in his newspaper that Anna had died peacefully in her sleep. He is puzzled as at the back of his mind he seems to recollect a skating contest, but finally decides he must have been dreaming. Valda has of course returned the body of Anna to the bed from which she had taken her, and the official has been hypnotised.

        1. The only differences that I can see, Curious, between the episode in Mandy 355 and the equivalent pages in Lucky Charm 22 are that the speech bubbles are a different shape, the lettering in those in Mandy is in capital letters whereas in the Lucky Charm version both capitals and lower case letters are used, and that the content of the final speech bubble, the one containing the thoughts of the puzzled judge, has extra text in Mandy where the three dots … are used in Lucky Charm. Is that what you were referring to when you used the word ‘almost’ given that in every other way the story presentations are identical?

  7. One thing that did puzzle me was how Valda knew how to get hold of her birth certificate. She needed this for some competition (was it when she was a competition diver or swimmer?) but couldn’t produce it as it showed she had been born in 1748. She arranged for someone to produce a proof of its existence showing that she had been born on 20.04.48 (or whatever the actual date was). There was a picture of someone (a nosey journalist who has seen her looking old?) who then finds it hard to believe she was only twenty (or twenty-six when the series was repeated). But as she didn’t grow up with her family, and was born at a time when birth certificates weren’t standard, how did she manage this?

    1. The explanation, which is a bit of a fudge, appears in MANDY 98 (Nov. 30 1968). Valda wants to enter a diving contest. As the competition is only open to over-eighteens the official will not accept her entry without seeing her birth certificate. She goes back to her Emerald Grotto to get it but as she cannot allow anybody to see it she goes to the Town Hall to ask the town clerk for a certified copy of the document authorised with his official seal. She then hypnotises him by swinging her locket and then tells him to copy only the part that she tells him to copy, and after doing so he will not remember anything about her visit. When she gets back to the diving contest she gives the official the note from the town clerk certifying that he has seen her birth certificate.

  8. How lovely to see I’m not alone in remembering Valda. She was by far my favourite character. Thanks to the mentions on here I’ve just ordered a Valda story for eBay. Looking forward to receiving it.
    I agree with other posters that it would be great to see more stories and I’d love to read new adventures.

  9. Sunday, 28 august 2016
    I have been wishing for some time (thirty years) that one day there would be films on former Mandy stories, and of course on VALDA
    I am sure that all the Valda-Enthusiasts (not only the the october 2013 Girls Comics of Yesterday pondering pertaining to Valda) would be eager to welcome film(s) on Valiant Valda’s life and amazing missions.
    (Ms Ngozi Ngwube, Founder, Consultant, and Leader ng3website)

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