Bunty Annual 1985


Pages Content Notes
Cover /
2-3 Picture Picture
4-5 Bunty for Girls Title Page
6-15 The Four Marys Picture story
16 Make a Christmas Mobile Feature
17-22 T for Trouble Picture story
23-32 Teeny Tina Picture story
33 Play Aggravation! Game
34-35 Ruff! Ruff! Gibber! Gibber! Feature
36-45 “My Brother’s a Chimp!” Picture story
46 Smash Hit Tracy! Feature
47 Bunty’s Cut-Out Wardrobe Feature
48 A Dog for Debbie Text story
49 Toots Picture story
50-51 “I’m a Star Superstar!” Feature
52-59 The Three Imps Picture story
60-64 The Gift Photo story
65-67 Every Home Should Have a Haggis Feature
68-77 The Oak Tree Picture story
78 Pure Gold! Feature
79 Bunty’s Cut-Out Wardrobe Feature
80 Superpets Feature
81-86 Aunt Kate’s Curiosity Shop Picture story
87 Laughs Ahoy Jokes
88-95 Ice-Cold Alex Picture story
96 Christmas Crackers Puzzles
97-102 Belle of the Ball Picture story
103-111 Astons to the Rescue! Picture story
112 Haggis Picture story
113-119 Sarah and Jane Little Ladies at War Picture story
120-125 The Day it Rained Fish! Picture story
126-127 Picture Picture