Bunty Annual 1998


Pages Content Notes
Cover /
2-3 What’s in a Name? Feature
4 Table of Contents
5-9 The Four Marys

the marys rescue a deer from poachers

Picture story
10 Pet Pin-Up Poster
11-16 “The Boy for Me!”

lou’s new boyfriend doesn’t like her dog

Photo story
17 Carly’s Crowd Text story
18-23 The New Girls! Picture story
24 Puzzle Time! Puzzles
25-31 The Comp Picture story
32 Four Marys Fact File Feature
33-39 I Spy! Photo story
40-41 Do Not Disturb! Feature
42-47 Sandy’s Secret Photo story
48 Yummy! Feature
49-55 The Sad Snowman Picture story
56-57 Star Chart 1998 Feature
58-59 Best Friends’ Special Feature
60-63 Hayley’s Holidays Picture story
64 Going Places Text story
65-71 Fiona’s Friend Picture story
72-73 Party On! Feature
74-79 Sadie’s Summer Picture story
80 The Perfect Boy Quiz
81-88 The Four Marys Picture story
89 Bunty- A Girl Like You Picture story
90-94 Dream On! Picture story
95 Green Scene Feature
96 Pet Pin-Up Poster
97-103 Sharing Shannon Picture story
104-105 Silent Screams Text story
106 Make Your Own Christmas Cards Feature
107-111 Wishing Mel Picture story
112 Animal Crackers Jokes
113-117 The Comp Picture story
118-119 Behind the Scenes at Byker Grove Feature
120 Bugsy Picture story
121-123 Merry Christmas Shopping! Feature
124 Animal Pin-Up Poster
125 Bunty- A Girl Like You Picture story
126-127 What’s in a Name? Feature