Detestable Della


During World War II the Japanese invade Malaya and children of the poor mission school are captured. Della Mornay pretends to work for the Japanese while secretly helping the prisoners, who think she is a traitor. When the war ends Della is thrown into a pen with  the Japanese guards. With the help of one girl Sylvia and Lim a British agent they manage to get message to British soldiers. Colonel Mornay, Della’s father arrives and tells the girls that Della had been working for the British all along.

detestable della



  • Detestable Della–  Bunty: #458 (22 October 1966) – #472 (28 January 1967)
  • Reprinted: Bunty: #1056 (8 April 1978) – #1070 (15  July 1978)


4 thoughts on “Detestable Della

    1. You are very much correct with that, Mistyfan, although I’m almost certain that it was first printed in 1966. I’m not sure on the exact issue numbers or dates for that one, though. I’m sure I saw an advert for Bunty featuring Della in a Judy of that year.

      1. That wouldn’t be surprising if it was a reprint, it’s a popular story type. I’ve just updated 1978 dates until we get some confirmation on earlier dates.

  1. You could ask at the Bunty thread I put up at comicsuk. If there was a 1960s print, someone should know. Mind you, the mention of Detestable Della in one of those Bunty books says it came out in 1978. No mention of a ’60s date. Maybe it was another serial with the same title? I think I have seen the same title used elsewhere.

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