Judy Annual 1983


Pages Contents Notes
2-3 Photos Photos
4 Judy for Girls A title page
5-9 Mother Goose Picture story
10-11 The Art of Making Up Feature
12-16 Tulips Picture story
17-19 Wee Slavey Picture story
20 My Den Feature
21-23 Junior Nanny Picture story
24-25 Christmas Cat Stocking Feature
26-27 Bobby Dazzler Picture story
28 Jazz up a Jar!/ Dragnet Feature
29-31 Girl With the Golden Smile Picture story
32 Sweet Treat Feature
33-37 Stranger in the Snow Picture story
38 Judy Pin-Up: Noel Edmonds Poster
39-43 Val of the Valley Picture story
44 Lunch Box Feature
45 Cat and Mouse Game
46-47 Clare at Crufts Feature
48 Purrfect Feature
49-51 Cora Cupid Picture story
52 Bunny Business Feature
53-57 Trial Run Picture story
58-59 Animal Ghosts Feature
60 Airline Express Feature
61-63 Schoolgirl Vet Picture story
64-65 Cold or Hot Feature
66-67 Big ‘n’ Bertha Picture story
68-69 Round the World Judy Game
70 Dottie’s Arty Joke Book Jokes
71-73 Superbabe Picture story
74-75 Well-Kept Secret Picture story
76 Boyfriends Picture story
77-79 Anita’s Butler Picture story
80 Handy Hold-All Feature
81-83 The Peter Pan of Pop Feature
84-89 The Toy-Maker’s Daughter Picture story
90-91 Come to the Fair Feature
92 Be Your Own Fortune Teller Feature
93-95 Hearts to Mend Picture story
96 Judy Pin-Up: Peter Davidson Poster
97-101 Secret Skater Picture story
102 Nautical Necklace Feature
103 This should be A Draw Feature
104-105 Danger, Min at Work! Picture story
106-108 Lesley’s Angel Text story
109-111 Betty’s Bloodhound Butler Picture story
112 Dottie’s Doggie Lovers’ Joke Book Jokes
113 Key Tidy Feature
114-117 The Bond Picture story
118-119 A Career With Ponies Feature
120-125 Hunted! Picture story
126-127 Photos Photos