Judy Annual 1986


Pages Content Notes
Cover /
2-3, 125-127 Find Your Birthday Flowers and Gems Features
4 Judy for Girls A title page
5-9 The Perfect Day Photo story
10-11 Paper Sculpture Feature
12-15 The Mirror Picture story
16 New Forest Butterfly Farm Feature
17-19 Junior Nanny Picture story
20 Dottie’s Diary Picture story
21-23 Liz’s Lucky Day Picture story
24 Pony’s Tale Picture story
25-27 Mother Goose Picture story
28 String Fiddle/ Clever Cubes Feature
29-31 Wee Slavey Picture story
32 These Dolls are Real Swingers! Feature
33 Drink a Rainbow! / Nobody Leaves These…Choc Leaves Feature
34-37 In Loving Memory Picture story
38-42 Message in Bottle Photo story
43-47 Schoolgirl Vet Picture story
48 Dog Picture story
49-51 A Friend of Mine Picture story
52 Hot and Cold Joke Book Jokes
53-55 Cora Cupid Picture story
56-57 Big ‘n’ Bertha Picture story
58-59 Recipes Around the World Feature
60 Freda Text story
61-63 Meg of the Moors Text story
64 Patchwork Pig Feature
65-69 The Joker Picture story
70 Horse Sense Feature
71-73 Girl With the Golden Smile Picture story
74 Sweet Smells Feature
75-79 A Shy Kind of Girl Picture story
80 Make This Owl Collage Feature
81-85 Stay-At-Home Picture story
86 Ours Is A Nice House Ours Is… Feature
87 Make this Gruesome Twosome for Halloween Feature
88-89 Royal Windsor Feature
90 Kitten Cuties Poem
91-95 Secret of the Cromlech Picture story
96 3 Kings for Christmas Feature
97-99 Community Nurse Picture story
100 Write On! Feature
101-105 Katie’s Cat Picture story
106 Begging the Question Quiz
107-109 Oops-A-Daisy Text story
110-111 Bobby Dazzler Picture story
112 Novel Gift Card Feature
113-117 Waiting for Tomorrow Picture Story
118 Knit a Picture Feature
119 Instant Drinks Feature
120 A Dog’s Day Feature
121-125 Flight into Danger Photo Story