Judy Annual 1987

Pages Content Notes
Cover /
2-3 Photos Photos
4 Judy for Girls A title page
5-9 A Helping Hand Picture story
10 Pantomime Feature
11 Ariendel Castle Feature
12-15 Escape! Picture story
16 Dog Picture story
17-21 Dora and the Demon Picture story
22 Lucky Pony Mascot Feature
23-27 The Plant Picture story
28-29 Big ‘n’ Bertha Picture story
30-32 Junior Nanny Picture story
33-37 Secrets Photo story
39-40 The Cautionary Tale of Zenobia Babbit Text story
40 Pony Tales Picture story
41-45 The Magic Typewriter Picture story
46-48 Wildlife Rescue Centre Feature
49-51 Cora Cupid Picture story
52 Christmas Video Feature
53-55 First-Time Faith Picture story
56 Black Out Fun Pix Feature
57-59 Bobby Dazzler Picture story
60-61 The Story of Furnival Fly Poem
62-63 Danger – Min at Work Picture story
64 Percy Penguin Pyjama Pack Feature
65-67 Wee Slavey Picture story
68 Dottie’s Pop Pal Picture story
69 Handy Tips Feature
70-73 “We Do!” Picture story
74-76 Sir Gallivant Picture story
77-79 Community Nurse Picture story
80 Doll’s House Furniture Feature
81-85 Moira’s Midnight Bargains! Photo story
86 Pepper the Pony Picture story
87-91 “Let’s Get Together!” Picture story
92 Cat Call Feature
93-96 Judy Nature Calendar Feature
97-101 In Search of Oryana Picture story
102-103 Samantha Text story
104-105 The Witch Next Door Text story
106 Dottie’s Joke Page Jokes
107-109 Getting it Taped Picture story
110-111 Snack Lunches Feature
112 The Great Pony Game Feature
113-117 The Wishing Well Photo story
118-119 Dog’s Very Own Amazing Trick Puzzles Puzzles
120 People ‘n’ Pets Feature
121-125 Mother Goose Picture Story
126-127 Photos Photos