Maid to Be a Lady


Winnie Johnson a poor girl from London did not know she is the daughter of Lord Marvon, the owner of the house she know works as a servant in. She was the result of a previous secret marriage of Marvons.

maid to be lady


  • Art: John Woods


  • Maid to Be a Lady–  Bunty: #1083 (14 October 1978) – #1100 (10 February  1979)


4 thoughts on “Maid to Be a Lady

  1. I remember this story. The man was too spineless to admit she was his daughter for ages so took her on as a skivvy so he could ‘look after her’. His wife and other daughter were mean to her, but eventually the truth came out and they just accepted it with the other daughter being pleased to have a sister.

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