Mandy Annual 1995

Picture Stories

  • Penny’s Place (Pages:5-12) [Art: Edmond Ripoll]
  • The Visitor (Pages:13-16) [Art: Ana Rodriguez]
  • Memory (Pages:17-23) [Art: Eduardo Feito]
  • Holiday Magic (Pages:24-28) [Art: Guy Peeters]
  • A Friend for Keeps (Pages:29-32) [Art: Leslie Branton]
  • Stage School (Pages:49-55) [Art: Juliana Buch]
  • The Honourable S.J. (Pages:56-64) [Art: Paddy Brennan]
  • Dream Boy (Pages:65-70) [Art: Julio Bosch]
  • Hold that Tiger! (Pages:71-76) [Art: Wilf Street]
  • The Boy Zone (Pages:77-80) [Art: Norman Lee]
  • Classmates (Pages:97-104) [Art: Maria Dembilio]
  • The Gift Horse (Pages:105-111) [Art: Carlos Freixas]
  • Nurses (Pages:113-118) [Art: Claude Berridge]
  • M & J (Pages:119-121) [Art: Peter Wilkes]
  • Skeleton Corner (Pages: 122-125)


  • Animals (Pages:2-3)
  • M & J Mag (Pages:33)
  • Calendar [3 parts] (Pages: 34-35, 46-47, 94-95)
  • Life at London Zoo (Pages:36-37)
  • Simply the Best (Pages:38)
  • Puzzles ‘n’ Things/ Trivia Puzzles (Pages:39-40)
  • Ha! Ha! (Pages:41)
  • Take That Quiz (Pages:42)
  • Mini Squares (Pages:43)
  • Crosswords (Pages:44)
  • Pin Up (Pages:45, 86, 96)
  • Make ‘n’ Do (Pages:48)
  • M & J Mag (Pages:81)
  • Starscopes (Pages:82-83)
  • Make ‘n’ Do (Pages:84-85)
  • Puzzles on the Box (Pages:87)
  • Name Game / Alphabet Quiz (Pages:88-89)
  • Ready, Steady, Go! (Pages:90-91)
  • Do They Differ? (Pages:92)
  • Make ‘n’ Do (Pages:93)
  • Puzzle Answers (Pages:112)
  • Wish Upon a Star (Pages:126-127)

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