Princess Wildcat


Princess Jenna of Tarbia was thought to have been killed in an air crash as a baby, however she is found alive 12 years later living with animals of the jungle. Her grandfather king Karl hires a governess in the hopes of taming her.

princess wildcat



  • Princess Wildcat–  Bunty:  #1061 (13 May 1978) – #1078 (9 September 1978)


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    1. Her grandfather gives up on her and has her locked away in a tower just as she decides to fit in. Here she learns to read from books there. The royal governess finds this out and teaches her to how speak and write and tames her. The king decides to make Jacobi his heir as he has given up on Jenna. Jacobi kidnaps’ her on the day he is to be named heir to the throne as he doesn’t know she now understands what is said. She can speak to the animals so she gets a buck to free her and give her a ride to the castle. Here she speaks to her grandfather of how she tried hard to be worthy of his love. He hugs her and is very happy. Then he makes her his heir to the throne and it ends with Jenna wearing a crown.

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