The Guilt of Glendora


Glendora Gale was a rich, selfish and an unkind girl but when she accidentally kills a girl during a quarrel she is sent away to a secluded boarding school. Miss Aiken the  harsh headmistress sends the girls out to work at drudges. Glendora  now going be the name Dora Dale, is moved to a kindly family the Maxtons. On a trip to the theatre she is shocked to learn Sara, the girl she thought she killed, is actually an actress. The actress, whose real name is Ethel, was paid by Glendora’s cousin to pretend to be dead so they could get her money. With the help of the Maxtons and Ethel, Glendora confronts her cousins. She lets them go unpunished and knows that before she was a selfish person who had made her cousins lives miserable. After her experiences she is more caring and sets about helping the children of Aiken Academy and improving conditions inside Brigley Prison.

guilt of glendora


  • Art: John Woods


  • The Guilt of Glendora–  Bunty: #1053 (18  March 1978) – #1067 (24 June 1978)


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