Mighty Minnie


On his retirement as groundsman at the Larkston Country Club, Minnie Bigg’s grandfather is to be turned out of his club house. So, Minnie, a promising young tennis player, is trying to earn enough cash, by winning tournaments, to buy him a new house.

In a sequel Grimley Sports Club is under threat from Astra Engineering, which wants to use the grounds to build a factory. Minnie, has to win championships to prove her club is worthwhile. But she has a rival in Val Logan, who is being sponsored by Astra.

(Mighty Minnie – 1971)
(Mighty Minnie – 1977, Art: Guy Peeters)


  • Artist: Guy Peeters (1977)


  • Mighty Minnie –  Mandy:  (?) – #248 (16 Oct 1971)
  • Mighty Minnie –  Mandy:  #484 (24 April  1976) – #499 (7 August 1976)
  • Mighty Minnie –  Mandy:  circa #529 (05 March  1977) – (?)
  • Mighty Minnie (reprint?)–  Mandy: circa #1125 (06 Aug. 1988) – #1145 (24 Dec. 1988)


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