The Secret Song of Kate Darby


In 1911, just before Kate Darby’s grandmother dies, she tells her she has a long lost brother. Kate sets out to find him,  earning her living along the way, by singing and playing her treasured accordion in theatre queues.

kate darby



  • The Secret Song of Kate Darby  –  Mandy:  #347 (08 Sep. 1973) –  #360 (08 Dec. 1973)
  • Reprinted – Mandy: #701 (21 June 1980) – #714 (20 September 1980)



One thought on “The Secret Song of Kate Darby

  1. The starting information about The Secret Song of Kate Darby should be 347 (Sep. 8 1973) NOT (Sep. 15 1973). The serial was repeated in Mandy with the same title in 701 (Jun. 21 1980) – 714 (Sep. 20 1980). It was never called The Quest Of Kate Darby, which was the title offered in the heading of Mistyfan’s post earlier today.

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