The Secret Song of Kate Darby


In 1911, just before Kate Darby’s grandmother dies, she tells her she has a long lost brother. Kate sets out to find him,  earning her living along the way, by singing and playing her treasured accordion in theatre queues.

kate darby


  • Art: Len Potts


  • The Secret Song of Kate Darby–  Mandy:  #347 (15 September 1973) –  #360 (08 December 1973)
  • Reprinted – Mandy: #701 (21 June 1980) – #714 (20 September 1980)
  • Reprinted – Mandy #1080 (26 September 1987) – #1092 (19 December 1987) [double episode in issue #1092]


12 thoughts on “The Secret Song of Kate Darby

  1. The starting information about The Secret Song of Kate Darby should be 347 (Sep. 8 1973) NOT (Sep. 15 1973). The serial was repeated in Mandy with the same title in 701 (Jun. 21 1980) – 714 (Sep. 20 1980). It was never called The Quest Of Kate Darby, which was the title offered in the heading of Mistyfan’s post earlier today.

    1. Hi Derek, do you by any chance have the issues with this story and access to a scanner? I have a friend who is deperate to know how the story ended! Thanks.

      1. I’ve only just seen this request, Sarah, as I have very busy most of the day. I could of course have provided an answer for your friend because I do have all the issues, and a scanner, but I see that lorrsadmin has kindly stepped into the breach.

  2. If anyone has the issues with this story and is able to scan it – or even just to let me know how it ended – it would be amazing. Thanks.

  3. I’d also love to know how this story ended. Did Kate find her brother? If any of you are still reading this thread?

  4. Yes, she finds her brother. A man dressed in black lures them both to a river to steal their accordions (they both have one). He ends up drowning in the river. They find out that both accordions have gems on them that are worth a fortune. They are to be adopted by the couple Kate was living with and it ends with Kate’s brother joining her on stage singing in Gilbert Richard’s new musical.

  5. Hi Derek, there are at this moment 3,558 comments on the site, so I can’t remember specifically if there were more comments on this post. If there was it’s possible that during one of the sites updates a few comments were lost, that occasionally happens.

  6. “The Secret Song of Kate Darby” is reprinted again starting in Mandy #1080 (September 26, 1987) and ending in Mandy #1092 (December 19, 1987). The last two episodes are combined in issue #1092 is why it is one issue shorter.

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