The Secret Life of Hateful Hattie


In an orphanage in 1905 , Hattie Taylor was hated by all the other children  because she held favour with the staff and given special treats. They didn’t realise Hattie was using her favoured position in order to help them. The girls were often helped by a hooded figure they nicknamed the “Angel Ghost” – little knowing it was actually “Hateful Hattie”.

hateful hattie


  • In the 1980 reprint the first two episodes were titled Hateful Hattie!


  • The Secret Life of Hateful Hattie – Mandy:  #378 (13 April 1974) – #395 (10 Aug. 1974)
  • Reprinted – Mandy: #681(2 February 1980)  – #699 (7 June 1980)
  • Reprinted  – Mandy:  #1060 (09 May 1987) – #1077 (05 September 1987)

Other Appearances

  • The Secret Life of Hateful Hattie – Mandy Annual 1976


5 thoughts on “The Secret Life of Hateful Hattie

  1. Loved this story as a child. Tried to recreate it for a school drama production when I was 12 but didn’t have the commitment fro other pupils.

  2. It’s a shame they weren’t interested, it’s a great story. It was one of my favourites too, but I have no idea how it ended. I wonder if someone found out about Hattie’s “Angel Ghost” gig – one of the nasty staff, maybe? Or one of the girls? Or did the orphanage suddenly close down (unexpected fire or something) and Hattie revealed herself as the Angel Ghost to the girls? Or did the story just end on a regular episode?

  3. In the last episode one of the girls Vicky gets sick , the Matron has her put in the cellar for not doing her work. Hattie sneaks medicine to her but she is feverish and Matron and Cook hear Vicky talk about Angel Ghost. They wait to see who comes to help and are surprised when it’s Hattie. They beat her and lock her in the cellar. Vicky gets more ill, so Hattie manages to escape carrying Vicky and collapses at a police station. They both recover and Matron and Cook are arrested. Both girls are welcomed back to Birch House which has new staff.

    1. Thank you for that! The girls must have been very surprised to find Hateful Hattie was the Angel Ghost. How did they react exactly?

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