My Awful Sister!


Robyn West had a happy life with her kind well-off parents who adopted her when she was very young.  Then cruel spiteful Kate Baker, a new girl at school discovered they were sisters, who had been separated as babies. Robyn feared Kate would tell the Wests she was one of the family.

my awful sister



  • My Awful Sister!  –  Mandy:   #1251 (5 January 1991) – #1260 (9 March 1991)



4 thoughts on “My Awful Sister!

  1. Think I read somewhere that it ended with Robyn discovering Kate had been lying to her (surprise, surprise). I’ve put up queries on ComicsUK.

  2. Robyn finds out that Kate is not in a terrible home like she said she was. Robyn then finds the children’s home that Kate was at before. She meets a girl named Christine there and discovers that she is her real sister, Kate had stolen the locket that she had used to convince Robyn she was her sister. They confront Kate and Robyn’s parents find out everything. Robyn is delighted to be united with her real sister Christine.

    1. I KNEW IT!!! Thank you so much; for years I thought there was a chance that little horror was lying; that maybe Robyn’s real sister died so she took her locket and assumed her identity and used it to bully Robyn. I always wondered why Kate preferred to bide her time announcing she was Robyn’s sister. Ha!!! Thanks so much for this info, you made my day!

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