Molly the Matron


Molly Mason had just left school but she soon found herself a very responsible job as “mother” to fifty unruly lads at Burleigh School for Boys.  Despite her slight build she managed the boys better than any of the teachers.

molly the matron


  • Art: Andy Tew


  • Molly the Matron –  Bunty:  #1431 (15 June 1985) – (?)
  • Molly the Matron –  Bunty:  (?) – #1536  (20 June 1987)


Other Appearances:

  • Molly the Matron –  Bunty Annual 1987
  • Molly the Matron –  Bunty Annual 1988
  • Molly the Matron –  Bunty Picture Story Library: #337

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