No-One Cares for Cara


During the eighteenth century, times were hard for Cora Thatcher’s parents and they were forced to sell their fine horse, Starlight.  Charles Beaufort, a wealthy landowner, bought the horse for his spoilt daughter, Clarissa. Because no-one else could handle the horse, except Cora, she was “bought” too.  Although the valuable horse was well fed and tended, life was grim for Cora.

no-one cares for cora



  • No-One Cares for Cara – Bunty #801 (19 May 1973) –  #809 (14 July 1973)
  • Reprinted – Bunty: #1372 (28 April 1984) – #1380 (23 June 1984)


One thought on “No-One Cares for Cara

  1. This was printed before 1984. I think it started in Bunty #801 as issue #803 is the third episode of this serial. It ended in Bunty #809 (July 14, 1973). The 1984 reprint starts in Bunty #1372 (April 28, 1984).

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