Sarah and Jane Little Ladies at War


Sarah Lane and Jane Wood had been given the parts of sisters in a weekly TV period drama, as grandchildren of the Earl of Dunlea. Unfortunately  while they played loving sisters in front of the camera, in real life the girls had taken a bitter dislike to each other.

sarah and jane


  • Art:  Andy Tew
  • Translated into Dutch: Debbie Parade Album #26


  • Sarah and Jane Little Ladies at War–  Bunty: #1292 (16 October 1982) – #1310 (19 February 1983)
  • Sarah and Jane Little Ladies at War – Bunty: #1377 (2 June 1984) – #1396 (13 October 1984)

Other Appearances:

  • Sarah and Jane Little Ladies at War  – Bunty Annual 1985


9 thoughts on “Sarah and Jane Little Ladies at War

  1. According to my records, it ended in BUNTY 1310 (February 19 1983). Unfortunately, as I don’t have a copy of that issue in my collection, I can’t actually prove it today. All I can say is that the story is in 1309, where the conversation in the final panel does seem to suggest an imminent denouement. I don’t have 1311, but I do have 1312, and it isn’t in that. Hopefully some other member might have the relevant issue.

  2. It reminds me of Stage School from M&J. Two of its pupils end up on a TV show where they have to play being friends, but in real life they hate each other. When the antagonism gets too much the producers solve the problem by writing it into the show. I wonder if this story went the same way or if they did become friends in real life?

    1. In issue #1306, the girls are starting to make effort to get along better and then they are in agreement to unite against a blackmailer who filmed them fighting. That’s the last issue of the story that I have, but it may indicate that they could become friendly in the end.

    2. In order to save me the bother, Mistyfan, of rooting out my issues of M&J from the relevant cupboard, could you please tell me which series of ‘Stage School’ you are referring to, the 152-160 one, the 207-216 one, or the 239-241 one.

  3. Hi Derek, the first series of Stage School had Gavin and Nikki playing characters that dated in the show and end of that series (#160) they broke up on the show.

    Start of next series (#207) they are playing characters that are antagonistic to each other (just like in their real lives!)

  4. Thanks for your reply, Lorraine. When I get a bit of spare time in the next week or so, I will dig out the first two series and read them.

  5. I have issue 1311 and it is not in it, so it must have ended in issue 1310. However there was a follow up that began in Bunty: 1377 (June 2, 1984) ending in Bunty: 1396 (October 13, 1984).

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