Second Best Babs


Babs and Betty Cartwright are identical twins who were seldom apart, until Babs failed an exam and was sent to a different school to her sister. From that day on Betty receives all her parents’ attention while Babs is often neglected and frequently in trouble.

second best babs



  • Second Best Babs–  Bunty:  #1255 (30 January 1982) – #1273 (05 June 1982)


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  1. I grew up reading boys comics which usually involved fighting. One day when I had nothing else to do I started reading through my sister’s backlog of comics. It was a revelation. The stories were often about girls who were not loved by their parents and other psychological traumas. I always remembered this story, Barbara has to wear her sister’s caste off clothes and is given her old school blazer but there is something magical about the blazer and Barbara suddenly becomes very confident. I think that it was either published in ‘Bunty’ or ‘Sandy’ in the late 1960’s or early 1970’s. Another story I liked was ‘Town without Telly’.

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